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16 Horror and Sci-fi movies that you should definitely watch on Netflix!

One of the activities that we all enjoy, no matter how outgoing and social the person is, is to spend an afternoon or a quiet night watching movies and eating different snacks, right? and much more now in these times, when it is recommended to spend free time in the comfort of our homes…

Well, for all those who want to invest their time with a very good thriller or horror movie, then pay attention because these are 18 Netflix movies that will surely make you scream or sigh in horror!

1. The invitation

The invitation, tells the story of a grieving divorced man named Will who is invited to a dinner hosted by his ex-wife and to give a little more tension to the issue, decides to take as his companion to his new wife. This scene in itself is already quite unusual and if that weren’t enough, as the night goes by Will begins to suspect that his ex-wife along with his new partner has hidden motives for bringing this group of people together.

2. Train to Busan

South Korean films have been attracting the attention of the American public for some time now and one of the titles that have received numerous positive reviews is Train to Busan. This film is full of anguish, drama, action and of course zombies who try to kill a group of passengers on a walking train. How will these people survive? Maybe there is a destination that will save them all, the question is, who will have the guts to get there alive?

3. Gerald’s game

This is a combination of the minds of Mike Flanagan and Stephen King. It tells the story of a married couple looking to bring some passion to their relationship. After taking a vacation away from the busy world in which Jessie’s husband lives, Gerald suffers a sudden and fatal heart attack, leaving his wife handcuffed to the bed and this is when the story becomes dark and unpredictable. This psychological thriller will leave you with many doubts because the film not only plays with the mind of the protagonist but also with the minds of the viewers.

4. The Platform

This film will change the way you go to prison because unlike the typical prison cell with bars, it is a vertical prison with a large number of cells or floors which accommodate only two passengers. A platform full of food descends from the first floor to the end, but not all prisoners get enough food, as they survive then?

5. Under the shadow

Even just watching the trailer for Under the Shadow is enough to give us all the creeps. A mother tries to protect her son from the Iraqi bombs falling on the city and from a creepy invisible figure inside her own home. The film develops a disturbing domestic premise by exploiting anxiety and claustrophobia. It is a rather tense, disconcerting story, full of shocking and horrifying images.

6. Under the skin

This horror film combines dark elements and science making it one of the best films in these genres, in 2013. The nameless woman, a mysterious character who attracts men with her beautiful appearance and leads them straight to their death as she explores the meaning of humanity.

7. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

This is a retro classic and although not many know about this magnificent movie, its influence is present in great titles of today such as Get Out and A Quiet Place. The film shows how Rosemary, a young wife, loses her luster and falls into madness until things become even more horrific and the neighbors who once seemed friendly, try to use the young woman and her unborn child as part of a satanic plan.

8. The Eyes of My Mother

Warning, this film should not be watched by someone with a weak stomach. It tells the story of a girl whose childhood is shattered after an unexpected visit, triggering horrible acts. After living through this trauma, young Francisca is never the same again and within her, a harmless clinical fascination with the human body is deformed into a grotesque ritual until she becomes an adult. The film, being black and white, brings a quite artistic and chilling perspective, you will have to see it yourself.

9. It comes at night.

A post-apocalyptic story that follows a family seeking refuge in the forest, they must survive a highly contagious and deadly outbreak that has ended the world, but when they take in another family of survivors, paranoia consumes them all. The characters stop being afraid of the terrible outbreak outside and start worrying about those around them and the disturbing thoughts they are hiding in their minds.

10. Green Room

After a night full of adrenaline and a show in an Oregon club, a punk band witnesses a murder by becoming hostages of a neo-Nazi group. The band refuses to give in so easily that they summon up the courage to confront the skinheads inside a room with green walls. How far will these young people have to go to stay alive?

11. Creep

Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass not only wrote the story of this film but also brought the main characters to life. The film follows a young man who responds to an advertisement asking for help in making videos for his unborn child. But as the two characters get to know each other and spend more time together, the atmosphere begins to get a little disturbing, as the man asking for help with the recordings begins to engage in strange and disturbing behavior. It will be too late for the man who accepted the job when he wants to escape from that house?

12. The Wicker Man (1973)

Many know the 2006 remake, but without a doubt, the classic British one is pure gold. The film follows a policeman as he goes to a remote Scottish island to investigate the case of a missing child, but in time he realizes that the locals have very different visions of life. The unusual pagan practices of the locals make the detective suspect that the community is involved in a disturbing conspiracy, but how can he find the answer when everyone is against him?

13. The autopsy of Jane Doe

This supernatural horror film takes place around a morgue when a group of people are caught in a storm, along with the body of an unidentified woman. As they proceed with the autopsy, they discover horrific things… but inexplicably. On top of that, numerous paranormal events, what will be the reason behind it?

14. Cargo

In this zombie thriller, Andy, a father who struggles to do anything to save his daughter’s life in Australia, undergoes a series of challenges that test his guts and morals, as at one point the man is infected by his wife and has only 48 hours left to find a new home for his daughter before she turns into an organ-destroying monster. This film promises to bring you a series of sensational scares and shocks, full of drama and horror.

15. Shutter (2004)

Shutter tells the story of a photographer named Tun with Jane, his girlfriend. They both commit a felony after taking the life of a young woman in a hit-and-run. After the fatal accident, the young man is haunted by the victim’s threatening spirit, whose particularly vindictive motivations for him are explained in revelations that go beyond what our minds can imagine. The film was a massive success in Thailand when it was released, leading to the barely visible American remake in 2008.

16. Veronica

Possession films have been on the market for many years, but Veronica is possibly one of the best adaptations in this horror genre. A teenager like any other, Veronica begins to be subjected to paranormal experiences after having a seance with a group of friends during a solar eclipse. As the days go by, the events increase in violence and intensity, entering a totally terrifying story, full of images so shocking that they are hard to forget even after the film is over.

Which of these movies has become one of your favorites? 

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