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This is the perfect horror series to watch on Netflix right now

If by now you have gone through pretty much all of your «to watch» list of movies and series on Netflix and now you don’t find anything else then do not fear, because Bloodride has arrived. It is a Norwegian scary anthology, made up of six episodes, six unrelated stories filled with mystery and horror. 

Although it is not one of the scariest series you will be finding out there, it had definitely a good amount of horror mixed with great acting and some very unexpected plot twists that will not disappoint. The series premiered in March 2020; the story begins with a group of people aboard some sort of spectral bus which would lead each of the passengers to a dark destiny. 

Each episode tells the story of every passenger in the spectral bus, how many of them would live to tell about their tragic experiences? Bloodride makes a quite enjoyable spooky anthology since it combines the elements of the classic horror genre and a hypnotizing plot-twist.

The stories are a perfect mixture of classic horror and modern thriller, some have compared it to R.L. Stines Goosebumps kind of plots, but with a more mature vibe to it. Also, most of the viewers recommend watching the series on its original Norwegian audio, since it has a more authentic style rather than the English dubbed version. 

Bloodride is a simple anthology that can be enjoyed by every horror fan. Every episode shares a simple, eerie premise, to a twisting climax.

The first story follows a family who moves out of a city as an effort of looking after their financial issues. When arriving into a creepy town, they start to realize that it might not be as harmless as they thought. As the members of the family learn the macabre truth about the town, their lives will be changed forever, and probably not for good.

This series was produced by Oslo-based Monster Scripted, with Atle Knudsen and Kjetil Indregard as the creators of the horror. Bloodride was one of the main European projects to arrive to Netflix during the first four months of this year; their main goal is to deliver original and unique material, with stories developed in European lands hoping to catch the attention of worldwide viewers.         

If you think you’ve seen unexpected endings, wait till you see this show…

What do you think about this new spooky series?

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