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Extraordinary and rare animals that inhabit our planet

There are areas in our world that have not been fully explored, such as the depths of the sea, the long dark caves, or even the vast jungles. Full with incredibly strange creatures, here’s a list of the most captivating, and sometimes frightening, species ever!

1. Pyura chilensis or Piure

The piure is an edible marine animal, a distant relative of the vertebrates, and is a popular animal in Chile because it is part of the local gastronomy. In Chile, the piure can be eaten raw or cooked; raw it is usually cut into small pieces and chopped onion, coriander, and lemon are added. These creatures have a hardcover, giving them an aspect similar to that of a marine rocky structure.

2. Nomura’s jellyfish 

This species of jellyfish inhabits the seas around Japan, in the waters between China, Korea, and Japan. The Nomura jellyfish can reach a length of 3.5 m, weigh up to 220 kg, and surprisingly,  this specie of jellyfish is edible.

3. Star Nose Mole

The Star Nose Mole has 100,000 nerve fibers in its nose that reach its brain to indicate that food is nearby. He’s practically blind. It can be found around moist, low terrains mainly in the northern area of North America.

4. Leafy seadragon

This colorful and delicate fish is found off the coast of Australia. Its body, covered with algae-like fins, allows it to camouflage itself and thus go unnoticed. It feeds on plankton and fish in a larval state. The female can reproduce up to 250 eggs and it is the male who takes care of them.

5. Mandarin Duck

The mandarin duck is an exotic and beautiful animal because it is a species of duck with a unique multicolored plumage. It is one of the most appreciated animals in China, even given as a gift at weddings on the occasion of good fortune. The variety of colors is only carried by the male while the female is only brown and ochre.

6. Dumbo octopus

This tender octopus has an unusual appearance because it has particular fins that resemble the ears of the Disney elephant. Located in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, its skin is white and sometimes pale thanks to the lack of sunlight.

7. Yeti Crab

The Yeti Crab was discovered in 2006, with a white unusual color and hairy pincers. The body of this type of crab carries several colonies of bacteria, possibly to feed themselves or to repel the toxins of the minerals where they live, it is still not clear. Since it is still being studied.

8. Goblin Shark

This shark is part of the Mitsukurinidae family, with a strange and unique shape that looks horrible and weighs about 700 kg. It has a size of up to 6 meters that it manages to reach thanks to the fact that it compresses its body laterally. It has a long, flat mouth with a jaw that can extend out a few centimeters

9. Aye-aye

A native of Madagascar, the Aye-Aye has a slightly scary and somewhat adorable physical appearance. With its characteristic fingers, it feeds on larvae it gets from the bark of trees. It lives mostly on the branches, never on the ground. Its eyes are huge and brown and its tail is bushy and much longer than its body.

10. Venezuelan poodle moth

A possible new species of moth was discovered by Dr. Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan back in 2009 in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. Suddenly, images of the fluffy moth were spread all over the Internet and people began to question how real it was. Although Dr. Anker took a total of 75 photos of the species, very few of them have been shared.

11. Blue parrotfish 

The blue parrotfish is known for its bright blue color that covers its entire body. They can be found in the tropical reefs of the oceans around the world; there are approximately 90 species of parrotfish, grouped into 10 genera and one of these is the blue parrotfish.

12. Waller’s Gazelle

The Waller’s gazelle is known for being the longest-necked member of the gazelle species. Their neck height can be between 80–105 cm (31–41 inches) and has an average weight of 28–52 kg (62–114 pounds). The males have S-shaped horns, and the species can e found in the drier areas of East Africa. 

13. Asian Soft-Shell Turtle

Also known as Cantor’s giant softshell turtle, it is a type of freshwater turtle, with a wide head and eyes close to its muzzle. Those that are young may contain dark-colored shells and spotted heads, with yellow on the edge of the shell. They are also called Asian giant soft-shelled turtles.

14. Snub-nosed or Sneezing Monkey

The most surprising thing about the Sneezing Monkey is its mammal-like appearance. It is native to Burma and its biological name is Rhinopithecus strykerie. The monkey’s skin is very thin, it has no facial hair and no nasal septum. As soon as it rains this animal will not stop sneezing.

15. Japanese spider crab

The giant Japanese crab belongs to the group of spider crabs, which are characterized by their triangular shell and long legs. This crab lives in the depths of the Pacific Ocean and off the coast of Japan is characterized by being blind, has a highly developed ear, and has hairs sensitive to underwater sound waves.

Have your heard of another strange, beautiful or creepy species?

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