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This is the museum all Edgar Allan Poe fans must go to in Virginia!

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia is a place like no other: with a garden that reflects his notorious work and various other decor details of his life and writings, this makes it the best place to visit especially for all those long time Poe’s fans.

Now watch closely! because every detail of the garden has meaning and a connection to his life and his work, so before just strolling around, take a closer look.

The entire museum is a representation of his being and his mind, anything Poe related, even a lock of his hair can be found in the museum, maybe you spot it!

A unique bookstore waits for you, with all full collection of his masterpieces. The museum also claims that they have the only known copy of his poem “To Helen” and if this was not enough, they try to keep things creative and fresh by changing the exhibits around so every visit will surprise you even a bit more.

Self-guided tours, audio tours, and guided tours are offered daily with museum admission. The guided tours are usually offered daily at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm, just take into consideration that the schedule is subject to change with little or no notice.

Self-guided and audio tours are available whenever the Poe Museum is open and they are offered in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German and Portuguese.

Ticket prices go from $9 for adults,  $7 for Seniors (60+)  and $7 for young ones (7-17) and surprise it can also be FREE for Poe Museum Members and Children Under 6.

«See highlights from our Collections, the largest public collection of Poe memorabilia and artifacts in the world. Access resources for Educators and Students, including information about Poe’s life and works and an Educators’ Packet. Meet our two black cats, Edgar and Pluto, and explore their home in our historic Enchanted Garden.»

Some of the collection highlights of this museum include Poe’s boyhood bed, his vest, poems of 1831, his Autobiography and his walking stick among others.

They also feature several events throughout the year such as the Unhappy hour with different themed parties.

Would you like to visit this museum in Virginia?

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