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Netflix releases new series that promises to make your hair stand on end

If you are a fan of suspense, you are attracted to mysteries, and you love supernatural events, without a doubt, this new Netflix series released on July 1, is for you …

As many will know, 30 years ago one of the most successful television programs of all time was broadcast «Unsolved Mysteries» that marked the suspense genre in many generations.

Now thanks to the big platforms such as Netflix, it´s back and with many new real cases that promise to leave us spinning our heads with its indecipherable mysteries that were never solved …

The series was made by one of the producers of the successful series of Stranger things, so no doubt that this new series won´t be the exception, since it´s said that this first season there will be disappearances, which is a very important piece that should not be missing in some of the most controversial mysteries in history.

This season’s trailer lets us believe that the series will follow the same direction as the original broadcast in 1987, each chapter will carry out different stories of people who have suffered disappearances, paranormal events, and even extraterrestrial abductions and UFOs.

The first story of the chapter is titled «The Mystery of the Rooftop», which focuses on the strange disappearance of Rey Rivera; shortly after he married and moved in with his wife, Rey left his home one night and never returned.

The days passed and no one knew about him or why he had left so mysteriously, however, eight days later, the officers found his body lifeless …

The first season has six chapters and this is just a small taste of what will come from the other episodes of the Unsolved Mysteries series, which in fact, if you want to see it you can already find it on Netflix.

This news has caused a stir on social networks, as fans of the classic are happy for his return, including new generations, who are excited by the new series that the platform is uploading.

So this weekend prepare the popcorn, get in a comfortable seat and enjoy this new series, which you definitely will not be able to stop watching …

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