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The spookiest American legends come to life in new series «50 States of Fright»

Have you ever heard of Quibi? Well, it’s basically a streaming platform, but unlike Netflix, HBO, or Amazon, Quibi has an exclusive use for mobile and tablet.

But why did we decided to tell you about it? well, it’s because inside this platform you can find one of the upcoming, promising scary Shows which compiles the most popular urban legends and stories of North America bringing them back to life in a haunting and intriguing way: 50 States of Fright.

50 Stages of Fright is an exclusive horror anthology web television series that debuted on Quibi on April 6, 2020. Although each episode is rather short compared to what we are all used to, producer Sam Raimi managed to make the audience shiver.

The episodes are all based on American folklore and urban legends and they are accompanied by an outstanding cast made up of great personalities such as Travis Fimmel, Christina Ricci and Taissa Farmiga.

The series takes on 50 urban legends from places such as Michigan, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Oregon, Iowa, and Washington amongst others. These legends will be written and directed by several notorious minds from the horror universe including Guillermo Del Toro, Steven Spielberg Jason Blum.

The first episode is entitled «The Golden Arm» with a storyline situated in Michigan, starring Travis Fimmel and Rachel Brosnahan. The Golden Arm is a legend that became popular in the United States most famously told by Mark Twain.

It tells the story of a greedy man who after losing his wife to death, dugs up her grave retrieving the golden arm which was attached to her, bringing it back home in the howling cold wind. However, on his way home, he discovers he is not exactly alone, and that his sin did not go without a very haunting witness… a voice follows him around «who got my golden arm?»

For now, the next story, by Yoko Okumura, will take us to Kansas to see America’s Largest Ball of Twine.

Susan and her daughter Amelia stop in Kansas, curious to see the «Biggest Ball Of Twine», as it is a popular tourist attraction in the area. However, this gigantic ball of twine is more dangerous than it seems; when Amelia approaches it, she is dragged into the ball by mysterious hands, leaving her mother completely desperate to find her. At that moment Susan, frantic, begins to suspect that something is wrong in the city…

What other legends would you like to see on 50 States of Fright?

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