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Why Chernobyl is one of the greatest series you could ever watch

Of course, you must have heard before about the Chernobyl accident at least one time in your life. You have read multiple articles about this terrible catastrophe and even might have seen a couple of videos and documentaries about the topic, but if you have not watched the 2019 Tc mini-series that tackles the whole Chernobyl accident then, what are you waiting for?

Craig Mazin’s series Chernobyl has been one of the very few ones to reach some of the highest scores ever on platforms such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and it has been said to be one of the best series ever made. 

As you can imagine, the whole plot of the series is situated in 1986 when the explosion at Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred and change history.

What makes this series more interesting is the way in which the plot unfolds between extremely dramatic and terrifying scenes, while very dark secrets are revealed, secrets about the people involved in the investigation behind the disaster, and the government conspiracies.

You might figure out that Chernobyl has only five episodes, hence why its called miniseries, but despite the fact that it is much shorter than your traditional 10-12 series, each episode will have you sitting on the tip of your chair and the magnificent story will make your heart race. A totally worthy of binge-watching series. 

Creator Craig Mazin talked about his approach towards making this mini-series and how he managed to deliver a chilling and interesting twist to one of the most popular stories told amongst society. 

«Ultimately, I don’t know how to experience historical events in any meaningful way unless I’m doing it within the context of human beings and their relationships to one another. It’s just not compelling for me otherwise. I might as well at that point be making a documentary or one of those awful videotapes that substitute teachers show their class when the teacher’s out. I don’t care to do that.»

Mazin wanted to take one step further while making this series and not only talk about the catastrophe itself but go deeper into the lives and dark experiences of the people involved in the accident, tell the stories of those who had to face the disaster upfront.

As for how far to reality is the plot of this story, well, of course, being a mini-series, an extra dose o drama had to be added in order to engage the viewers. 

Talking about viewers, a person who was born in Pripyat, a city nearby the nuclear power plant where the explosion happened, watched the Chernobyl mini-series and shared their personal opinion:

«They got it right. I was born in Pripyat. I was four years old when the accident happened. Watching it is more horrifying than living through it. We didn’t know what we were dealing with. It’s not like a hurricane or an earthquake that takes you by surprise and causes massive destruction. This mini-series is a masterpiece, perfect in every way.»

What do you think about Mazin’s Chernobyl mini-series? if you have seen it of course, and if you haven’t then now you have something to watch for the weekend!

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