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Zak Bagans unleashes one of the most cursed objects during Ghost Adventures: Quarantine spin-off

The pandemic might have the world on lockdown, but quarantine is surely not stopping any ghost or evil spirit from causing paranormal phenomena and Zak Bagans knows it! Recently a trailer for Ghost Adventures: Quarantine Miniseries was released, in which the famous crew of paranormal investigators locked themselves in Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum for two weeks.

The entire miniseries was shot by the team themselves without the help of any production crew and as if being surrounded by some of the creepiest and heavily cursed objects in the United States was not enough, the crew decided to spice things up and open the Infamous Dybbuk Box. 

Zack Bagans shares his thoughts about quarantining in his museum and said that it was by far the most intense investigation and in-depth experiment they have done before, taking in consideration the actual situation with the pandemic and having to be lockdown «it’s as raw and terrifying as it gets»

According to Bagans evil entities are feed from fear and they get more powerful when they sense human fear and terror; due to the current pandemic situation fear can be sensed in society, on a scale that was never experienced in quite some years, this is why the amount of spirit activity has increased significantly…

«We need to understand how this unprecedented situation affects things on a supernatural level and this led us to finally open the Dybbuk Box»

However, not only the diabolical Dybbuk Box will be explored during the Quarantine miniseries: Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley will focus their paranormal investigation on some of the most menacing areas from the museum, other cursed artifacts including the Devil’s Rocking Chair and Peggy the Doll. Keen to discover whether the paranormal activity is magnified by the fear caused by the pandemic, the team sets out new investigative strategies and scientific tools in their pursuit of answers. 

The four-part Ghost Adventures spinoff—which was premiered on June 11, with new episodes every Thursday. On the first episode, the crew investigates a room full of creepy haunted dolls, objects linked to Dr. Jack Kevorkian (also known as Dr. Death) a man who assisted at least 130 patients giving them «the right to die»

What do you think about this Ghost Adventures: Quarantine spin-off?

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