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Few people know about Michael Jackson’s incredible horror short film

What happens when a legend of horror literature is combined with a pop idol? something unimaginable. Few know about it, but in fact, Stephen King and Michael Jackson joined together in a film project called Ghosts that saw the light of day in 1997!

Michael Jackson was always attracted by the terror and just like with his Hit Thriller, the King of Pop wanted to make a foray into the big screen and that’s how Ghosts was born. Originally this project was going to be a music video, but with the passage of its duration of just over 30 minutes, Ghosts became a medium-length film.

Ghosts tell the story of a man known as the Master (played by Michael Jackson) who is persecuted by the city’s mayor and a crowd of angry locals. The townspeople invade the Master’s mansion trying to throw him out just because he is a stranger, but without expecting it they find this magical character who evokes zombies and other monsters.

The story continues in a most bizarre way, because in the end, the Master turns to dust, and then takes the form of a great creature and thus wins the trust of the community through magic and charismatic dances. Ghosts were released with the adaptation of King «Thinner» as additional material; although the aim was to surpass the success of Thriller, it was unfortunately almost forgotten.

Ghosts was filled with outstanding special effects and CGI, with Michael playing all the major roles in the short film; the artist had to wake up early in the morning and go through heavy makeup transformations back to back for six weeks, just getting on the «major» costume would take 3 hours to make!

Despite his failed tour, many fans of the artist and horror enthusiasts highlight «Ghosts» as a small work of art. Michael’s idea was to create something completely new and give the audience something that they have never seen before. 

You can watch the making of Ghosts here:

Have you ever seen a Michael Jackson short horror short film before?

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