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The most haunted cemeteries found around the world

At birth, there is only one thing certain in our lives and that is that at some point we will die. When our time comes, the most certain thing is that we will end up in a cemetery, and although it is usually said that a cemetery is a field that will provide us with eternal rest, it seems that for many spirits this is not the case, because even when their bodies have been buried, they continue to appear and torment those who dare to visit their lands.

Five of the most haunted cemeteries in the world

Greyfriars Cemetery

Edinburgh is home to one of the most haunted cemeteries, and although there are many stories about what happens on this holy ground, there is one that has become famous not only for what it has done to people but because it corresponds to the spirit of a lawyer who was a famous murderer in life, lawyer William McKenzie.

It is said that no attack occurred in that cemetery until someone dared to try to desecrate the remains of the lawyer, that the spirit began to appear and attack those who visited the cemetery, making them faint, and it was when they left the place that they noticed that bruises had appeared on his body, apart from the intense and inexplicable noises that suddenly sounded around the place.

After the events that were continuously recorded, it was decided to close the general entrance, and instead, they opened a night tour to see and visit the tombs of which legends are told. At least 400 people have been registered as having been attacked by the lawyer. Knowing this, would you dare to go on the tour?

Haunted Cemetery in Paris

Built-in underground tunnels that centuries ago were used as hiding places and places of secret religious practices, at one time a king of France, in order to depopulate the cemeteries ordered many of the remains to be moved to the catacombs, which are estimated to extend for 350 kilometers, and which are riddled with skeletons on their floors and walls.

Many religious and military groups in times of emergency have ended up stationed there, where it should not be the most peaceful place in the world, and from these experiences is that rumors and legends began to spread that the huge catacombs were not only inhabited by skeletons, but also by ghosts. Even more so since areas were opened to the public to tour them freely, as there have been many who claim to have felt sighs near their ears.

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

A cemetery in Prague’s Jewish Quarter has long been famous, in part because of the conspiracy theories surrounding it, but also because of how particular it is compared to any other cemetery. Despite being small in size, it houses more than 100,000 dead, and because the graves are so small, they begin to crowd together and look like an image out of a fantasy book.

But the most interesting thing about the cemetery is also the most chilling because there are many graves crumbled in such an uncomfortable way, eventually, ghosts began to appear, and that is what there are many rumors and legends, mainly by the workers of the cemetery, who tell the tourists that they are already used to because despite being common the appearances seem to be benign.

The Pantheon of Belen

Obviously Mexico and its culture for the worship and celebration of the dead could not be left behind in this list, and that is that in Jalisco there is one of the most beautiful and haunted cemeteries that exist. Beautiful for its ancient architecture and tombs, which are as peculiar as any made by a Gothic master.

And haunted, due to its high paranormal activity and multiple legends that are born in a place that harbors death. One of the best-known tombs is that of the child Nachito, a child who when he was alive was afraid of the dark, and after being buried, his coffin appeared outside.

These paranormal manifestations did not stop, until the child’s parents decided to leave the tomb outside, accompanied by 4 torches to provide light to their baby on the dark side of death…

Another of its most famous tombs is a vampire’s grave.

Witches’ Cemetery

In Tennessee, the United States, there is one of the most disturbing cemeteries that exist, because in spite of being small its tombs contain very particular things: symbols and signs strongly linked to the satanic and witchcraft. Instead of crosses, they have stars and staves, and even the very place where it is erected seems to give away its nature as a secret cemetery since it lies in the middle of a tiny forest clearing.

Many of the brave ones who have dared to visit him have said they feel observed at all times, and it should be no less so, for what greater evil spirits than those who in life dealt with demons?

Would you dare to visit a cemetery at night?

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