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Have an unforgettable experience at the real camp from “Friday the 13th”

Friday the 13th has become an all-time favorite horror slasher for many around the world to the point that it became one of the most popular franchises in the horror world. So if you are a fan of this classic horror jewel then this destination might be very attractive to you!

The No-Be-Bo-Sco camp is an active Boy Scout camp that can be found in the Hardwick Township, New Jersey and it is in fact the location that was used on the original Friday the 13th Part 1 film, better known as the Crystal Lake Camp. The staff from No-Be-Bo-Sco camp mentions that fans of the film on Friday the 13th are regularly drawn to the area, and its spooky vibe is perfect for organizing a camping evening.

The field started doing tours for all those Friday the 13th fans in 2011, and since then their tours have only been more popular! the approximately 1-mile long guided tour will take visitors to all of the major filming locations in the camp that have been made famous. Walk around the lake where Alice was pulled into by Jason and the generator shed, Bill’s body was pinned to the door and more.

If this is not enough, one of the surprises that makes the visitor’s experience much more incredible is Adrienne King, one of the film’s actresses, who is also part of the event! this camp is still being used mainly for boy scouts and camping but they don’t try to hide the fact that this is where a really bloody movie was filmed and horror fans love it.

No-Be-Bo-Sco also offers a night camp, which adds a little bit more spookiness to it all; it is so exciting that there is a high demand for visitors and sometimes tickets have been sold out within seconds. If you want to be one of the lucky horror fans to attend the exact same place where Jason Voorhees scared away many innocents, then you’ll have to bid…

“There’s one single way to find out about future tour opportunities – enter the ticket lottery and join our mailing list.  Don’t miss out on an important announcement – please make sure you subscribe with an email address that you check often.  Don’t worry, we won’t spam you and you can quickly unsubscribe at any time.”

If you are lucky enough, you can also catch a special Friday the 13th screeing event! where you get to enjoy a classic slasher movie just in the place where it was shot, how cool and scary is that?

«What a surreal experience it was to watch the fight scene between Mrs. Voorhees and Alice and then just look to the left of the screen at the actual beach it happened on! «Jason Parker

You can watch this video from a Friday the 13th horror fan, comparing the film’s scenes to the original location. How amazingly spooky it would be to walk along the same path as Jason?

“While at the tour, you will have opportunities to purchase souvenirs and special photo opportunities with celebrity guests (if guests are scheduled for your tour).  Since cellular connectivity is difficult at the camp, your best payment option is cash to avoid disappointment.”

These are some of the souvenirs, now featuring masks!

Interested? for more information you can visit the official Crystal Lake Tours website and find more about this scary and amazing camp.

Which of the Friday the 13th movies is your favorite?

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