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The Ouija board game: How to play and the 7 rules you should never break

You are about to learn all about playing Ouija, which more than just a game it is a portal that allows communication between the living and the dead, or even worse with the demons…

What is Ouija board

Ouija is a board game that has the alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9, the words «YES» «NO» «GOODBYE» and some extra words depending on the design. It contains a pointer or planchette that is used for pointing the letters.

The purpose of playing Ouija is to be able to communicate with the dead, although people who seriously practice occultism use the board to contact more sinister entities.

It is considered one of the most dangerous games because although it said to be for children over 8 years old, talking to the spirits can have unimaginable and frightening consequences. If despite the possible dangers, you still want to communicate with the spirits, we’ll tell you how to play Ouija…

How to play the Ouija board

To play the Ouija board you need to put 2 fingers lightly on the pointer and for safety with at least one other person. The weight of the fingers should be evenly distributed; ideally, the elbows should not be resting on the table at first, as the spirit is not yet so strong. It is also advisable not to cross your legs so as not to cut off the power.

Ask if there is spirit present, there are people who make rites of entry but it is not necessary to do so, it is your choice. Be patient, sometimes the spirits take a long time to arrive, if it takes too long you can leave the Ouija board for a few minutes and come back, sometimes changing to a quieter environment favors the arrival of an entity or so that in the session there is more effective communication.

You must always be focused, unstable environments do not please the spirits. Once the spirit arrives at the Ouija board, it will probably have something to say, ask if it has any message for you and show respect for it, since you know a little bit about it, you can ask questions about yourself or what you want to know.

Always speak slowly and clearly, ask only one question at a time, do not confuse the deceased. Do not assume that because it is a spirit it must know everything about the past, present, and future. Some may know a lot, others not so much.

You must believe that there is a spirit there, for there really is, but it does not mean that you must believe everything they say, for some may even tell lies. Whatever the spirit says, don’t let it get to you.

When you put away the Ouija board, don’t put the pointer on the board.

Now that you know how to play the Ouija board, you are probably wondering how to get one, and although there is always the possibility of buying one, there is another simple and inexpensive way of obtaining a spirit board, for you can make one yourself from the comfort of your home.

How to make a Ouija board

The Ouija board game can be made of any material, such as wood, cardboard, or any object where you can write… anything goes.

On the board you will write all the letters in one or two rows, making sure that the characters are big enough to read. In the bottom row, write the numbers 0 to 9. You will also have to add the symbols «Yes», «No» and «Goodbye», which will make it easier for you to communicate with the spirits. You can add any other phrase you wish. You’ll need a prompter to play the Ouija board. You can use a ring, a coin, or a small glass mouth.

By following these steps, you are now ready to play the Ouija board and talk to the beings from beyond!

Now that you know how to play Ouija and how to make one, it’s time to learn the 7 rules of Ouija…

1. Never ask when you’re going to die…

There are 3 possible reasons why you shouldn’t ask about your death when playing Ouija:

1) Many spirits and demons are liars, they could invent a date, the danger in this situation, is that you can suggest and unconsciously cause your departure.

2) If you were to talk to a demon or an evil spirit and he didn’t have enough power to read the future, he could give you a date and get it right, because he could provoke it on the «guessed» day.

3) Even if they tell you the truth, you may not like the answer.

Sometimes it’s better not to look for some answers, because you can find them…

2. Never play Ouija board in a cemetery

When playing Ouija in a cemetery, there may be hundreds of souls interested in communicating with the players, perhaps most will be harmless ghosts but there will also be the spirits angry at not being alive.

A place full of graves, in the middle of nowhere in the dark of night, may not be the best setting to talk to some bad entity.

Some might think that a good spirit will most likely come to the Ouija board, and that is true, but even if you have to talk to a genuine entity, it does not exempt you from having a sinister intention later on.

In the spirit world, there are categories, the bad ones have more power and experience, as they have probably been trapped for many years in limbo or even in hell itself, so they can easily remove the good spirits from the Ouija board at will.

In some cases, people had to speak with a spirit that took many innocent lives when they were alive, but when talking to the ones using the Ouija, he would be very polite.

The spirit guessed future dates as well as situations to come and when the pointer started moving fast and smoothly, it was clear that it was one of the veteran spirits… but it was not enough for the spirit to leave in the middle of the conversation without any notice to «Goodbye» so that after a cold wind, a more powerful entity arrived, a demon.

3. Never leave without saying goodbye and without the having the spirit say goodbye

Many times you might get tired of playing the Ouija board or are afraid of something that the spirit said/did and by instinct, you feel like stop playing without, saying goodbye. But this is a mistake! this can turn into a very serious situation since its possible that the spirit stays on the board or even worse… that it is released. When there is no goodbye, the portal that was opened does not close and that is when the spirits are able to take the lead.

This really doesn’t have much science, just when you don’t want to play, let the spirit know that you have to go, thank them for their time if you dealt with someone nice.

If the spirit mentions that it doesn’t want to leave and doesn’t direct the pointer to where it says «Good-bye,» you must insist firmly. If it doesn’t work and you see that the pointer is going around and around as if throwing a tantrum, you will have to say hurtful things and try to intimidate the entity, but mainly you will have to let it know that God is with you, whose power is infinitely greater than that of the spirit.

Whether the spirit leaves in a peaceful way or a not, the spirit always leaves, they don’t have the power to stay if they are not allowed to.

4. Never play Ouija alone

Not all spirits are bad but it is definitely possible that one of them arrives, even though they have desires to possess people they cannot do it at first… it is not easy to be possessed but it is possible.

First, there must be a real connection between the person and the spirit: the spirit «befriends» the participant by doing favors and is generally very friendly… for a while. But this lasts just until the person trusts them enough. After the spirit has been empowered, all that kindness turns into hostility.

Now the spirit is strong enough to be autonomous, that is, it no longer needs the person to play. This is when it begins to terrorize the player, either through appearances, destruction, physical damage to the person and/or any other type of manifestations. Their intention is to damage the person’s faith and fill it with negative energy to conclude their main goal… possession.

Now you know how demonic possession occur, but what does it have to do with playing Ouija board alone or not? The evil spirits are not interested in groups where there is more than one person as they cannot make a real connection with any of the participants.

They tend to look for people who are playing individually in order to have a real bond or closeness with someone: that’s why its recommended to play accompanied. Besides that it’s more fun, nothing like shared fear.

5. If the spirit claims to be a relative or acquaintance of yours, make a questionnaire.

Many times the spirits of people you have met who are no longer with us arrive at to table, they may come for different reasons: to give warnings, because they are not resting in peace or simply because they are missing someone.

Sometimes it can be real that they arrive, but it can also be a fake… that’s why it’s important to ask them a questionnaire with information that only the real person’s spirit would know, if he or she gets most of the questions right then it’s probably the person you know. You also have to take into account the way the spirit communicates if you find them saying unfamiliar words, expressions, or anything else that the real person wouldn’t have said while been alive then it is probably an impostor!

It is important to take into account all the details, because sometimes imposter spirits can be assertive and clever in pretending to be someone else. It will be up to you to determine whether or not he is really the spirit he claims to be.

6. Wearing protection

You’ll probably never need it because playing Ouija responsibly can be a fun and different experience, but there’s a chance the game could get a little scary and ugly. That’s why its recommended to have protection items, like the following…

Crucifix: Torments any evil spirit or demon, reminds them of the defeat at Calvary and the triumph of God, reminds them that He will be their Judge at the Last Judgment.

Holy water: The devil can even enter a church perfectly, its walls do not contain him, the sacred soil does not restrain him. But holy water does take it away.

Bible: God’s word condemns Satan and all his works.

Rosary: When the Virgin Mary is named, exorcists perceive how the demons become enormously angry when they have to face the Mother of God.

St. Benedict’s Cross: The St. Benedict’s Medal is a sacramental recognized by the Church with great power of exorcism.

It is not necessary that you have all these objects, it is enough with one or some of the mentioned ones, neither is it necessary that you have them in the same room of the session or so close to the Ouija board, since they can intimidate any spirit before they come to play. Remember that Ouija is not the only way an evil spirit or a demon can come into your life, whether you play Ouija or not, it is always good to have an arsenal against the devil.

7. Never challenge a spirit, it might surprise you…

On many occasions during Ouija sessions, there is no lack of the brave person who does not believe in the spirit-board; the skeptic usually wants to test the visitor from the beyond, and it is not that the spirit is offended if someone wants some demonstration of his power, but as for everything there are ways of asking for things.

Asking a spirit for a sign or any manifestation to put a little emotion into the night in a friendly way is fine (although asking for signs is not the most advisable), but if it is imposed as a challenge, in an incredulous or despicable way, they will probably not like your answer, not referring precisely to the answer you write on the board…

Why shouldn’t you challenge the spirits when playing Ouija?

From different stories been told… when using the Ouija board many most of the sessions have been very entertaining and exciting, but a few others turn to be not so pleasant.

One night precisely the mistake that one of the participants of the session made was to challenge the spirit, at first the spirit did not want to give a sign, then this person conditioned the spirit that if it did not give a sign, it was because it was a coward spirit, but even so, the spirit did not manifest itself either.

It was then that the person said: «ah you are a stupid spirit» when the entity gave the sign. After speaking so disrespectfully to the spirit, the aura stopped being so pleasant and then the ghost decided to turn off the light in the whole house…

By now you have practically become an expert in this game of occultism: you know how to play Ouija, how to make the board, and the main 7 rules of Ouija. However, I think it is useful that you know a terrible and unfortunate story due to a failed Ouija session because the participants broke one of the main rules of Ouija.

A true Ouija board story

This is a chillingly true story of «The girl who asked the Ouija board when she was going to die» During the Christmas season of 1972, Illinois was the place where Jennifer Lynn Springman’s misfortune began.

The 14-year-old and her friends gathered to play Ouija board. When it was Jennifer’s turn, she asked, «When am I going to die?» to which the spirit responded, «18» «killed» and «strangled,» these answers were the bad omen of the tragedy that was to come…

The girls were so scared that they didn’t finish the session, Jennifer told her family everything, and they forbade her to play Ouija again.

Years later, shortly before Jennifer turned 18 years old, she disappeared and after a long search, within 2 days Jennifer was found lifeless in a garbage bag.

Just as the spirit of the Ouija board had said four winters ago, Jennifer died shortly before her 18th birthday, the way the spirit said…

After reading this story, would you dare to play Ouija board?

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