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Winchester Mystery House “the most haunted place in the United States”

Prepare to learn about the true story of Winchester Mansion

The Winchester family

The story begins with Sarah Winchester’s tragic life events. Death arrived in her life as both her husband and her child. It was a serious case of tuberculosis which took away Sarah’s beloved husband, as for Sarah’s young daughter, a childhood illness took her life, then Sarah Winchester was left all alone.

Seeking for some help and comfort, she went to find a medium, who told her that a dark curse had fallen on her family and it was looking for the next victim which would be Sarah herself.

The Winchester House

Despite the fact that there was no way to destroy the curse, the medium told Sarah that if she wanted to stay alive, she would have to move to a new house. Sarah then built a house, as a desperate effort to live a peaceful life.

But this house was out of the ordinary, from 1884 to 1922 there wasn’t a day in which something was not built in the Winchester house and as a result, we have one of the most mysterious and eerie-looking buildings.

September 5 was the day that Sarah Winchester passed away, while she slept in her bed at 82 years old.

Sarah Winchester’s property ended up being a Victorian-style mansion, the most extravagant and strange mansions that exist in the world; The property has 10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, 160 rooms, 17 fireplaces, and many other details that strangely come in groups of 13.

It is said that the Winchester house was made to please the spirits at their will since many of the construction ideas were given by the same spirits.

Some details of the house are specially made in order to keep the ghosts living there calm and happy; for instance, the house needed to have plenty of light so that the spirits would feel overwhelmed because they couldn’t show their own shadow.

Another detail of the Winchester house is that there are very few or almost no mirrors, since spirits hate mirrors because their reflection makes them disappear.

It isn’t known if it is by coincidence or by choice but the number 13 seems to be very important in the Winchester mansion since there are…

13 stairs with 13 steps, 13 hooks in Sarah’s closet, 13 bathrooms, and 13 holders for well, 13 candles.

Also, Sarah’s will was divided into 13 parts. In honor of that mysterious 13 number, every time there is a Friday the 13th, the bells are played 13 times at 1:00 p.m. (13:00) spooky enough?

Many workers and visitors that had the chance to spent a couple of hours in the Winchester house have witnessed several paranormal phenomena that occur such as doors are closing, things moving inexplicably, loud noises and voices.

People could feel something as if someone would touch them, some even claim to have seen one or more spirits, it´s even said that Sarah’s spirit is one of the most manifested entities found around the house.

Winchester House Museum

It’s said that the “Winchester House” is the most haunted place in the United States, this mansion has become a tourist destination.

If you are interested in taking a walk along some of the 13 stairs of this spooky house, you can visit their website and book a haunting tour. The official name of this terrifying construction is: “Winchester Mystery House” and is located in San Jose, California.

Since June 30, 1923, when the doors of the Winchester House were opened to the public, millions of lovers of terror and/or history have visited the place.

Many visitors have told that paranormal events happened to them there…

«I definitely am not easy to frighten but I did twice experience creepy cold Goosebumps it came out of nowhere. In one of the rooms, I experienced a sense of swaying, as if the house was swaying beneath my feet.»

The visit also comes with some warnings: never to separate from the group since they do not assure, that they can find you again…

For more information on the Winchester mansion you can enter here

Would you dare to enter the Winchester Mystery House?

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