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Celebrities that were never the same after their roles in AHS

For a couple of years now, we have been enjoying one of the most iconic horror series, American Horror Story. With every season, there is a new horror to discover and a new mystery to solve but one of the things that makes it all come together is the amazing cast, that seems to return in every season with a different story to tell and for what we might know, AHS actually had quite an impact in some of the stars…

Taissa Farmiga

During an interview, Taissa Farmiga said she is the type to be scared easily, which for fans this fact was somewhat surprising as the artist has participated in several horror and mystery projects such as 50 States of Fright and The Nun. Farmiga often found herself being scared on set; she would have to keep her acts together while filming in different spooky locations. For instance, during the shooting of AHS «Murder House,» the basement scenes seemed particularly difficult for her.

However, eventually, Taissa gained more experience and confidence, she managed to use her fears as a technique, making her acting seem more realistic. Interestingly enough, the artist mentions she has no liking for the horror genre, as she does not enjoy watching horror movies, but when it comes to acting horror-related roles seem to fit her best. 

Cody Fern

Apocalypse, the eighth installment of the horror anthology became one of the most anticipated seasons of AHS since it hosted a crossover between first season Murder House and third season Coven. On this season it was Cody Fern’s duty to give life to Michael Langdon, the sinister offspring of a human and a ghost considered to be the bringer of the End of Days. Preparing for such an important role was no easy task for Fern, he completely devoted himself to the character, trying to think and behave just the way Michael Langdon would do. 

For several months Fern had to study theology, psychology, and philosophy. Playing the so-called Anti-Christ of AHS, had a great impact on Cody since it made him dig deeper into the darker side of our society. Fern mentioned that after his role, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was happening in society, and that people should try to understand the darkness within themselves. 

Evan Peters

Before AHS, Peters had other acting roles in several movies and TV shows, but his multiple comebacks in American Horror Story has definitely had a greater impact o him. With the premiere of AHS’ first season, Peters became some sort of icon for the show, he became the main face. In every season we got to see Evan Peters with a new face, a new identity and for the viewers, it was simply refreshing, however, it was not always great for the actor.

When announced that Peters was not making an iconic comeback for the new season «1984» fans began questioning the reason behind to which Peters then said that AHS had taken too much of his mental health, and he needed a break from it. Many, if not, all of his characters had some sort of disturbing mindset which in the end would end up hurting his own as well.

Billie Lourd

Maybe you remember Billie Lourd from her first appearance on AHS’s season seven: Cult, as she played both Winter Anderson and Linda Kasabian. She made her way smoothly into the AHS family, making her comeback for the Apocalypse season and most recently 1984, however, this was not an easy task for the artist. On December 27, 2016, Carrie Fisher passed away as she suffered from a heart attack, this was Billie’s mother. The next day, December 28, while grieving for her daughter, Debbie Reynolds passed away, this was Billie’s grandmother. 

Billie was called out to be part of AHS while she was dealing with the painful loss of her mother and her grandmother, wondering if she was emotionally capable to take in such responsibility. However, her role in AHS gave her the opportunity to process all of her emotions through the various characters she played. Crying on the set also helped her to cry when she was by herself. She described the experiences as healing and cathartic, helping her to move on. 

Who is your favorite actor/actress or character from American Horror Story?

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