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A spooky-looking 17th Century mansion is being sold at auction!

Who wouldn’t like to live in a huge mansion with lots of rooms and spacious courtyards? Well if you are interested in such property, let the bids begin, and may the Troy House finally find a new owner!

The Troy House is an ancient royal mansion located just outside Monmouth, one of the most beautiful villages from the United Kingdom. It is a 17th-century building with approximately 4,078 sq m which provides: 29 bedrooms, four dormitories, a principal’s flat, a staff flat, a two-story classroom block, a two-story hostel block, a theatre, a sacristry, a chapel, cloisters, outbuildings and garaging.

In addition, this mansion has extensive Gardens and Grounds extending to approximately 2.453 Hectares including Two Tennis Courts. The Troy House used to be a nunnery and a school in the recent past, it is said that some of the areas are haunted by ghosts since there is a nuns’ graveyard in a corner of the walled garden.

Back in 1904 the Sisters of the Good Shepherd took possession of the house for use as a convent school. As years went by, with the financial assistance of the Home Office from 1935 the Troy House was an Approved School.

Nowadays the mansion remains standing but in poor conditions, decaying and lonely, with a caretaker and a couple of ghosts as its only companion.  

The Troy House has become a kind of burden, as selling it has been extremely difficult. For instance the site was located almost entirely within a flood zone and was considered «highly vulnerable». For this reason, the eerie-looking mansion is now being auctioned off for approximately $243,321 (£200,000)

This mansion has been owned by several noblemen, politicians, and upper-class families from the 16 Century, giving this mansion its rightful title as a fine statement of Beaufort patronage.  

Ghost stories from the Troy House

After an eerie vanishing figure started to haunt the road outside the property, twelve priests were sent to deal with the ghost of a former occupier of Troy House. Holding candles, the priests walked around the area until almost all the flames extinguished, leaving just one candle on. The ghost appeared in front of the priest who was holding the last candle, the last source of light… the priest died a few days later.

Footsteps have been heard walking along the roads, leaving the people passing by completely bemused as they feel as if someone was walking past them at night, but without a sign of an actual person along the path.

Not only in the surroundings of the Troy House appear to be haunted, but also visitors who came to this mansion in the early 19th century reported hearing the sounds of whispered conversations in empty rooms…

What do you think about the Troy House?

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