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Make spooky and delicious dishes with «The Nightmare Before Dinner Cookbook»

During the month of October not only the streets and homes of thousands of families are filled with spooky, but also the food has this special Halloween vibe to it that we all love. Now imagine having all these delicious spooky dishes whenever you want!

«The Nightmare Before Dinner Cookbook» has over 60 different recipes all inspired in Tim Burton’s movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and Edward Scissorhands, recipes that will make you feel like every day is Halloween.

These spooky delicious recipes come from the Beetle House restaurant, which has broken media records in the restaurant space. In the Beetle House, Halloween is celebrated every day with its eerie and haunting atmosphere, paying tribute not only to the many works of Tim Burton but also to the entire horror culture.

«Come as you are, come as you want to be, take a taste of the dark side, because, at Beetle House, every day is Halloween.»

Author Zach Neil combined his artistic pursuits with his culinary skills creating a perfect combination between the delight of a dish and the spookiness of Tim Burton’s universe. The Nightmare Before Dinner: Recipes to Die For features all of the Beetle House recipes and a selection of exclusive, never-before-seen dishes!

Some of the recipes that you’ll be able to find in The Nightmare Before Dinner Cookbook are sauces and dips for the recently deceased: Edwards sauce, dead sauce and sweeny sauce; nightmares before dinner: graveyard noodles, hallowpeño honey cheddar cornbread, and beetle bacon bread; platos de los muertos: the silence of the lamb chops, Edward burger hands, and the Chesire mac and cheese.

If this is not enough for you, The Nightmare Before Dinner has your spooky side covered with a vegan alternative and ingredient swap for each and every recipe in the book.  A bonus section will also provide you with inspiration for table settings, decorations ideas, and foods to serve at your special events such as holidays or horror-themed parties!

Which of the recipes from «The Nightmare Before Dinner Cookbook» would you like to try the most?

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