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Annabelle’s real story is far scarier than you could ever imagine

Annabelle’s Backstory

The story begins with Deirdre a young woman who received an adorable birthday present from her mother: a “Raggedy Ann” rag doll with red threads as hair and a red triangular nose. At first sight, the doll was cute, little would they know that this innocent doll was hiding a dark secret, which would soon come to light. 

The nightmare began with small demonstrations, whenever Deirdre and her friend would arrive home, they found the Raggedy Ann changing positions, moving from place to place and even leaving written messages: “Help Us” and “Help Cal”, who was one of the young women close friends. 

As the paranormal demonstrations increased, they decided to call a medium. The lady managed to contact the spirit, and this told them its identity: Annabelle Higgins, a 7-year-old girl who died on the property before the apartments were built. It used to be a place, where Annabelle was very happy. 

They decided to keep Annabelle and act as caregivers. They were delighted at first, concerning for the little girl’s spirit but at some point, things began to become really disturbing.

On a quiet night, out of nowhere very loud noises were heard coming from Deirdre’s room. Cal waited until the noise was muffled to open the door, when he thought there was nothing strange going on until he saw Annabelle lying in the corner. 

He approached Annabelle and when he was about to pick her up, he felt a presence behind him. He turned around and there was no one but still, a strong invisible scratch hurt his chest, leaving his shirt all dyed in red.

When Cal took his shirt off, he had a wound with the shape of a claw. 

Deirdre and her friend contacted a priest at their church and the man reported the case to the Warrens. Surprisingly, the Warrens mentioned that the spirit of little girl Annabelle Higgins had never been inside the doll…

It was something eviler: an entity that was never human, a wicked entity that used Annabelle’s name as a mask, a demon. Although it only took an exorcism to free the women from the atrocious demon, the doll was never completely released from it, because the demon was already deeply linked to it.

The museum and recent accidents

Annabelle is currently locked in a glass box at The Warren’s Occult Museum. Every specific period of time a priest must visit and bless the devilish doll, although it has been exorcised several times there is a dense negative energy still remaining in the doll, exorcisms did not stop the devil from hurting a couple of people. 

Another of the case tells the story of a couple who went visiting the Warren Museum, the man-made jokes about the “Raggedy Ann” and when driving back home on his bike, he lost control leading to a tragic destiny. His girlfriend was left alive but sadly the man did not manage to survive.

Annabelle had to be relocated in 2017 and the precautions to do this terrifying job were plenty. The people involved in moving Annabelle were not allowed to let their skin come in contact with the figure, under any circumstances.  They had to cover themselves properly, wearing gloves, using holy water and several blessings.

Would you like to visit The Warren’s Occult Museum to take a look at Annabelle?

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