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Creepy old ventriloquist doll comes alive on video

If you are the type to feel easily disturbed under the appearance of ventriloquist dolls, now imagine if I told you that there exists a real doll that seems to be possessed…

Well, that’s what Michael Diamond states. Diamond is a 48-year-old man with a usual hobby, he apparently had developed a liking on keeping antiques inside his home, some of them rather creepy looking.

Diamond mentioned that the eerie events began a few days after obtaining an old ventriloquist doll, mainly it’s head. The man realized that after been placed in a glass cabinet for conservation purposes, the cabinet’s door would slowly open, but only during the night to dawn and by the next day, the door would be fully opened…

What at first would appear to be something normal, as the days passed by Michel Diamond began to suspect that it could be more than a simple event, but it could be someone else doing it.

At that moment, he decided to place a video camera in front of the old spooky doll, to record what was happening around him throughout the night, but what this man found when looking at the recording left him completely speechless.

For starters in the video, you can see how the glass door opens by itself in some sort of spooky way, but that is not the worst. The camera could also capture the unsettling moment where the doll begins to open his eyes and move its lips as if he wanted to say something…

Michael Diamond confessed he was deeply disturbed by the images. He pointed out that when reviewing the video, he had a very discomforting feeling within himself, and when asked about how the cabinet could open by itself, he replied it was a mystery.

Diamond said “I have no idea,” “I don’t even know where to start. There are no open windows in the room or air flow. The door is locked with a latch, so it shouldn’t just open.”

And he ended by saying “To prevent it from happening, I chained the box and covered it with a blanket.” His wife and little daughter also fear the doll.

The name of the doll is Mr. Fritz, and it has a very interesting story. It is said that the former owner of the doll was a ventriloquist, whose soul entered the doll soon before he left for the beyond.

The doll was moved to an antique store in the United States, where Michael bought it and ended up taking it to the United Kingdom.

Michael Diamond’s recording is undoubtedly creepy, because of its hidden mystery. However, if you are interested in seeing here it is…

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