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Documentary for the Recently Deceased: a sneak peek to the making of Beetlejuice!

With his unique and imaginative mind, Tim Burton managed to create a classic that would still be in our hearts and minds after 32 years: Beetlejuice. The first time we all saw that strange and spooky movie, it was an experience like no other, everyone clearly felt that Beetlejuice was a movie unlike any other.

Tim Burton’s stunningly horrific creation left a lasting impact on viewers, along with a couple of nightmares…

Well now better prepare yourselves all Beetlejuice Fans because finally, after a long fundraising campaign made at Kickstarter, the world gets to enjoy a sneak peek of the upcoming «Documentary for the Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice».

As its name suggests, this documentary will explore the process behind the making of Beetlejuice, the supernatural comedy directed by Tim Burton.

The documentary will be taking a deep look into the most important aspects of the filming of Burton’s movie: starting from the filming locations in Vermont to the process of making the sequences in stop motion and of course, including a series of interviews with the production team.

It will also feature exclusive, never-before-seen footage such as photographs and videos of the filming, which have been acquired over several years by the documentary’s director, Fred China.

French filmmaker Fred China has teamed up with producers Adam F. Goldberg and Lee Leshen to make a this project come true. On the 31st of March 2019, Recently Deceased : The Making Of BEETLEJUICE project reached its funding goal and Fred China couldn’t help but share an exciting video on the platform thanking everyone for the support.

Documentary for the Recently Deceased was expected to be released around the second half of this year, however, due to the current delicate situation with the COVID-19, the dates have remained uncertain.

We have already waited for over 30 years to have such a documentary in our hands, so all we can do for now is support the directors and wait for this jewel to be released soon!

What type of never-before-seen material you think this documentary might have?

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