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Now you can watch Zak Bagans’ thrilling documentary «Demon House»

Zak Bagans is recognized as one of the most intrepid paranormal investigators, always surprises his viewers with chilling ghostly scenes and terrifying tours to haunted places, this was one of the cases when he visited a small house in Indiana six years ago, who would say that it would be inhabited by more than 200 demons.

Bagans, decided to investigate this house and took it upon himself to find the reason why so many demons are still haunting the walls, how did it happen?

And that’s how the documentary series was born: Demon House.

This series was completely directed by Zak Bagans, after buying the house, along with his paranormal team they documented every paranormal event within the area, and the footage is something that would leave you totally freaked out.

The premiere of the series was in 2018, but no need to worry… now you can watch Zak Bagans Demon House again! it is now available on Amazon Prime and you can watch it right now!

The production of Demon House took around three years, fans began to wonder why it kept been postponed until Bagans spoke up. An encounter with a 12-foot-tall demonic apparently with horns was not only haunting him during his sleep but also haunting the whole production.

The crew suffered unexplained injuries, illnesses, and miscellaneous cases of bad fortune, all of which Bagans links to their investigation at the Demon House.

Due to this series of events, first thing when you watch this film a disclaimer appears, warning everyone about the unwary that demons may be able to attach themselves via electronic means…

Bagans, his crew, and colleagues such as Dr. Barry Taff are slowly devoured by the dark entities and in the footage, some of the crew show a rather violent behavior, to the extent where a crew member quits on the spot and another has to be fired due to his aggressive behavior.

Would you be brave enough to step inside this Demon House?

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