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Four frightening games to play at midnight

There are many games that have been born with the sole intention of provoking spirits, to invoke them or to communicate with them. But some are clearly more frightening than others. Some games such as the Ouija board, at least have the advantage of being played in a group but there are others, like those I will relate below, whose worst part is that, in order to play them, you must be completely alone. Would you dare to play them?

Game of the 3 strokes

It is one of the best known, and in this, it seeks to invoke the presence of some being. However, in order to play it you must be alone at home, have all the lights off, must be 3 am and you must have closed the windows, the latter is very important because apart from closing them you must cover them with cardboard or whatever you have, this to prevent either side from being visible.

When you’re done, you’ll have to light a candle, and that’s when the scary part begins, as you’ll have to tap on the window 3 times, making a call to whoever is outside. You’ll have to put your ear to the window and pay close attention because at any moment you’ll hear 3 taps back.

From this moment on you can only wait, as it will be touching all the windows of the house, hoping to find an open spot and sneak in. And that’s exactly what the candle is for since it can be something invisible if the candle suddenly burns out, it will mean that something has entered your house.

Ritual of silence

This game is a bit peculiar, as it seems more like a spell than anything else, but it says that if you manage to finish it you will be able to fulfill any desire you have, only that you will have to pay a small price in return.

The game consists of finding a lonely place at midnight where you know you will not be interrupted by anyone, light a candle and say in a low voice: «Oh Lord, now that you have heard my call I ask you to show me your beautiful voice». From this moment on, you will hear the worst sounds that can be heard: heart-rending cries laments of the tortured and frightful screams.

When the sounds stop, if you kept silent you will have passed, and in the next 72 hours you will fulfill your wish, but from then on, every time you are alone and silent you will hear all those sounds, and it will be like that for the rest of your life. Do you think it is worth it?

Window play

Another game with windows, but this one is somewhat easier to play. All you need to do is close the window and the curtains in your room and go to bed. Then you will have to wait for the other being to fall on your hook and touch the window because then the real game will start. Something, or someone, will be touching your window all night long, and when this happens, all you can do is pretend to be asleep.

According to the story, you will not be able to ask for help nor will you have to fall asleep, but you will have to stay awake all night, but all that time without being able to open your eyes, not even if you stop playing, as it could be a trap.

The game is over until dawn, and the scariest thing is that no one knows what happens if you don’t play by the rules, maybe because no one has survived to tell about it.

The stairs

In order to play this, you must find some stairs in your house, as this is what the game is all about. To start, it must be night, be alone in your house blindfolded. Proceed to say «Lucifer, I ask your permission to enter your kingdom», repeat it 6 times and this is how the game will start.

Go up the steps one by one, counting how many steps your ladder has until you reach the top floor, then come down, counting again. If you count the same amount it means you didn’t make it, but if you count one more step than there should be, you made it. Then you have to keep going up and down, always counting the steps.

Despite the sounds you may hear in your home, you must stand firm. Soon, if you do it right, you will realize that you are going down endlessly, through endless corridors, and despite the heat and the screams you hear, you should not be disturbed. It is said that if you get to the bottom blindfolded and unafraid, you will be able to make a wish.

Do you think you have what it takes to play one of these games?

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