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Haunted Forest at Panic Point: the scariest and best-haunted forest in North Carolina!

There are so many haunted attractions that all horror fans come to enjoy, some of the most commons being haunted houses, but have you ever been into a Haunted Forest? if not, then you might consider passing by this incredibly chilling haunted forest and get yourself into the horror thrill!

«10 short years ago we found an unhallowed plot of land, planted our little seeds of panic, and gently nourished them with terror & dread until a full forest of fear emerged. The half-mile “Haunted Forest” is our featured attraction.»

The Haunted Forest at Panic Point has been nominated as the number 1 attraction in North Carolina gearing up for our 10th season in 2020 featuring six different spooky attractions: the haunted forest, the dark trail the haunted hayride, the killers in the corn, the menacing maze, and the carny crypt.

Within the six haunting attractions you’ll be able to enjoy horror at its best, with 30 unique scenes. The Haunted Forest is filled with eleven eerie scenes, haunters, and screams. You will have to walk a half-mile trail, making your way through the Butcher Shop, Scary Tales House, Voodoo Shack, Junkyard, Pallet Maze, Sanatorium, Motel, Crypt, The Abbey, Serial Killer’s Cabin, & Clown House!

In the Haunted Hayride you’ll rumble deep into the woods on a broken-down trailer, preparing your nerves as you make your way to the Mine Shaft, Barn, Spider’s Lair, Service Station, and Vortex to Hell. Remember to stay alert! like the creatures that abide within are hellbent on one prize: blood.

The Menacing Maze is known as the Best Haunted Cornmaze near Raleigh NC. With over one acre, this maze becomes an enjoyable and fun attraction, although it’s not actually corn, but a twisted sorghum hybrid carefully cultivated in graveyard soil and enriched with zombie fodder: family-friendly, with no haunters inside.

On the other side, the Killers in the Corn attraction takes you into a haunted cornfield, with a short walk into real-life horror on a trip: the living, horrifying killers await you inside this trail of horror, can you make it to the end?

There’s is also a PG-13 scare guide, children 8 & under are not permitted to enter the haunted attractions and between 9 & 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

You can check some of the packages that the Haunted Forest offers online! you can save online & with Packages, upgrade to VIP for $20, and get free parking. You can choose between four different packages including the thriller package for super fans $69, the package of fear for all 6 attractions $39, the quad fright for the main 4 attractions $35, or the forest fright for just the haunted forest $20.

Would you like to visit this Hanuted Forest?

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