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Marta, the girl who was possessed by Satan… a case validated by the Vatican

This is the story of Marta, the Spanish girl who was possessed by Satan himself…

When someone is sick they can go to a doctor, when someone has psychological problems they can go to a psychologist, but what happens when your problems are of a supernatural nature and science has no answers? Well in the next case, you will see the Calvary that a mother and daughter in Spain had to suffer when the daughter fell into the hands of the devil, that is when she was possessed by Satan and 39 other demons.

Marta was a young university student who suddenly became ill, began to have convulsions, migraines and without reason had panic attacks. First, she was admitted to the hospital and after 12 days under supervision, everything indicated that Marta was already well, but when she returned home the worst of the story was about to begin…

Marta’s father had passed away years ago, it was only Marta and her mother in that house; Since they arrived from the hospital, the mother knew that something was not right, cracks and mysterious noises could be heard. Marta began to repudiate all religious objects such as images, crucifixes, or rosaries, but the situation became darker when the young woman entered into a trance and while she was next to her armchair, her body began to float approximately 20 centimeters above the ground.

From that moment on, Marta’s mother started looking for help from members of the Catholic Church, none of whom wanted to help her daughter, since they said that what Marta needed was not a priest but a psychiatrist, until one day in the parish a priest whom they had never seen before, witnessed a demonic manifestation inside Marta.

Although the exorcist they sent tried with his whole being to cast out the demon, he had to abandon the case, as the confrontations against the evil ended up making him sick. Marta and her mother were already tired, but God had not abandoned them because the exorcist José Antonio Fortea was about to come into their lives.

The first exorcism session with the new father (José Antonio Fortea) was in 2002, at that time 5 demons appeared inside her, and one of the demons confessed that the demons entered Marta through a death spell, since a boy from a satanic sect had fallen in love with her and was invoking evil forces against her.

In order to expel the demons, different strategies had to be used for each one, since it must be found what torments the demon the most: in the case of the demon Azabel, what disturbed him the most was the noise that was heard when Marta’s mother kissed the crucifix.

In one of the exorcism sessions, a demon was forced to say why he did not leave Marta’s body, to which he replied he tried to leave butGod would not allow him to do so. This happened because Marta’s possession had a purpose from God, as He sought to make people believe. It seems that demons cannot lie when they are forced to speak in the name of God.

On one occasion the evil being that inhabited the body of the university student was Satan. The priest mentioned that this was the worst of the voices that emanated from Marta and the one that had exposed more hatred. In the untiring fight against him, a divine manifestation occurred as St. Michael communicated by forcing Satan to write «you must have faith, there is little left»

Some time later, even with Satan clinging to the girl, a manifestation occurred again, it was again St. Michael but this time the angel spoke… the exorcist Fortea says that it was a beautiful voice that told them to have faith, that from all that darkness, good would come for all of Spain. In another of the sessions, one of the things St. Michael forced the devil to write down was advice that we should all remember «having the crosses in the head almost no devil can bear them»

One day Marta’s mother called the priest and told him that Marta, guided by the devil, wrote: «You must know that the more you turn away from God, the more I am Satan»

For 6 years, Marta’s body was the vessel for 40 demons, until 2008 after a long and exhausting spiritual fight, Father Fortea’s exorcisms totally freed Marta from the beings of hell.

This case was thoroughly documented, its veracity has been validated by the Vatican.

Actual photographs of the exorcism

Have you heard before about Marta’s possession?

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