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This Haunted Mansion is yours for free… if you’re brave enough to live there!

In the beautiful city of Youngsville, Louisiana, a gorgeous four-bedroom, three-bathroom antique treasure house could be yours, for free. You will fall in love with the surroundings and feel instantly welcomed as soon as you arrive in the neighborhood, the only thing you might want to consider twice is… this place is totally haunted!   

When you first take a look at this stunning house you might want to jump right into it and make it yours, many have tried it before, but as soon as they start to experience several paranormal incidents people seem to, simply run away from it. Would you do the same?

The owners have become desperate, trying to find new people to inhabit their house which has been compared to Amityville by other visitors. It is said to be haunted by one specific ghost named Adele. Dawn Vallot DeClout, the former resident from this haunted house, claims that Adele is her great grandmother and also the ghost that haunts the property. 

Mrs. DeClout mentions that her great grandmother’s favorite place to be was the kitchen and as one would expect, this is the main room where the ghostly occurrences happened the most. The house was built back in 1860, surprisingly it has been around for more than 100 years and until today it remains in great condition. Adele seemed to live in this beautiful house since she was a young girl until she finally passed away in the front room back in 1967. 

In the decade of 1980’s Dawn Vallot DeClout moved into the house with her family, and that is when she came to meet the ghost of her great grandmother which she claims is not menacing at all, more like a friendly ghost. 

Adele was known for taking a look into the cooking pots, just like when a person is cooking something on the stove and another person would take a look in the pot and stir it around. Well, in this case, it would be Adele the one stirring, DeClout mentioned that when she lived in the house, her family used to hear Adele all the time jangling the pots when they had something on the stove.

This house located in the bottom left was part of a 160-acre plantation owned by Dawn’s relatives from 1860 until the 1980s. Despite all of the other perks that come with the property, it has been a real challenge for the real estate agents to sell this house… 

But maybe if you are brave enough to spend your nights with Adele and other possible ghosts, this house could be all yours!

Do you think you could be the next owner of this haunting property?

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