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Netflix just released a confusingly amazing teaser for Dark’s final season

Life would seem easy living in a small town in Germany, but this assumption could not be more wrong… In a town where secrets and supernatural activities abound.

Dark is a series that explores the mysteries of connectivity between time, space, and dimensions, involving fans in a complicated and magically interesting plot. It has become one of the most popular German Netflix series and now, everyone must prepare for its third and final season!

The trailer, as expected, has left viewers even more confused after season 2 finale and they all agree that there was only one thing clear enough to understand during this 1-minute trailer…

Confirming one of the hundreds of theories from the fandom, the release date will be June 27, 2020, the date of the Apocalypse in the series.

«The end is beginning, and the beginning is the end. Everything in life occurs in cycles, but this time, it will be the last cycle. 

Although you’ve probably kept up with the show, watching every season, we all agree that maybe by now you might have forgotten about some details that are important if you want to enjoy and also understand the third season so this is what you need to remember:

In season finale several people are time traveling:

In the present time which is 2020 we see Claussen along with Charlotte and other police officers encounter the god particle for the first time, meanwhile, an unknown version of Martha disappears along with Jonas using some sort of futuristic time travel machine…

A stranger adult version of Jonas time travels along with the teen versions of Franziska, Magnus, and Bartosz and finally, we have Katharina finding the time-traveling portal within the depths of the cave… all of this happening right before the explosion that causes the apocalypse. 

In the future in 2053 Elisabeth goes inside the dead zone and activates the god particle which opens some sort of portal connecting it to the year 2020 where Elisabeth and Charlotte see each other, touching and apparently dragging Charlotte somewhere else before the explosion occurs.  

We also get a glimpse of the past in 1921 with an older version of Magnus accompanied by a woman (that viewers suspect might be Franziska) activating their improved version of the god particle. 

However, this would just cover the last episode. Before the premiere of season 3, you could watch a recap video about the main details from season 2 just to prepare your brain for all the upcoming «what the hell just happened» moments that Dark is always happy to provide.

Kelly Luegenbiehl, VP of international originals at Netflix said that they are going full circle with Netflix first German original series and cannot wait for Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese to fulfill their vision, revealing the final secrets to fans all around the world, who have embraced Dark from the start.

Where or more like, when do you think that the characters will end up?

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