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Next Netflix documentary series explores the archives of the most haunted places in the world

Haunted night tours in abandoned places have become very popular over the past years, people have found a certain joy for sharing their paranormal experiences with the audience as evidence or proof that the afterlife exists and of course, Netflix did not want to be left behind…

Netflix has announced an upcoming horror-themed documentary series in which they will take a look throughout the most haunted houses, hotels, and cemeteries around the United States.

They have selected the eeriest sites, different spots that claim to be  «The most haunted places in the world» will be explored, places where people have witnessed terrible stories, infamous acts that have left the surroundings with a heavy atmosphere with countless ghostly apparitions.

Horror-themed titles appeared to have had a great success on Netflix. Series such as the haunting of «Hill House», for example, showed that the horror genre has a pretty promising future and great potential.

Therefore, it was decided to create this documentary to show the real places where there have been terrible paranormal experiences.

One of the places that are destined to be visited is the house of «Amityville», located at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville City, New York.

This house has been one of the most famous due to its dark story with the DeFeo family. The residents after the tragedy claimed to have been attacked by evil spirits and even this story amazed the public so much, that movie producers were inspired to release the first movie inspired on this story in 1979.

Apparently, the first season will have few chapters and will be focusing on the haunted houses at first, if you the series becomes popular enough then they will bravely explore new, scarier places in the following seasons.

Neither release dates nor the name of the expected series have been confirmed yet. However, knowing the productions that Netflix has made during these last years, expectations are high since several documentaries series have been released before with tremendous success.

For now, all we can do is look forward to the release dates… would you like to watch this type of series on Netflix?

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