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These creepy games are forbidden by the church, due to its dark and dangerous past

Although we think of games as something harmless and fun, there is always an obscure side. The games you are about to get to know,  have some pretty scary backstories, and although many would say that these are not real, there is no doubt that they put your mind in doubt, and possibly even scare you…

The Ouija board

The most popular and well-known game, consists of a board with the alphabet either printed or carved, the natural numbering and the answers «yes» or «no», with which you can contact spirits and souls that are not in this world.

Ouija is the game that has brought the most trouble to many who have played it. It is said that by seeking contact with a dead person through the spirit board, you can open a door that becomes the entrance and exit of demons to this world, who only come to torment and even possess people to fulfill their evil plans.

Don’t look back

Just reading the name and thinking about what this game might be about gives me a chill all over. A few requirements are necessary. White candles, matches and their box, a sheet of paper, a pen, and scissors.

First of all, you must be totally alone at home, without friends, family or even a pet… Completely alone. You have to start after midnight or at 3 a.m. The perfect time when the demons seem to take over because it is well known that it is the hour of the devil.

You have to be in a completely dark room, making sure that no light enters and start preparing by placing the candles and matches in two corners, then leave the room and cut the sheet of paper into 6 or 8 rectangles and on each piece of paper write the following:

I (your name) cordially invite you to my party which will be from (insert start time) to (insert time you want the game to end).

It is advisable that the party lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. If the time is extended, it could turn into a martyrdom. Now that the invitations are ready. You have to throw yourselves under the door, knock three times and shout, «You’re all welcome to my party.»

Before entering the room, make sure that no light enters the room, then enter the room and go carefully to the candles to light them (facing the wall). If one of the candles does not light and the match goes out, it means that no one has arrived at your party. But if both candles are lit, it means that you have guests in your room and for no reason should you turn back to find out what is going on.

No matter what happens, you should never turn around because it could end up very badly, even if you feel you are being touched, hear noises or try to scare you into turning around. Once the party is over, which would be at the time you had marked on the pieces of paper, you should say: «The party is over, thank you for coming, you can leave now». You turn off the candlelight and turn on the lights.

The game of the cup

It is a game somewhat like the Ouija board, but it has also caused a lot of commotion in several countries and there have been reports of cases, in which players have been so affected that they suddenly disappear without a trace.

The game consists of taking cardboard or small pieces of paper and writing all the letters of the alphabet, the numbers and the answers of «yes» and «no», very similar to the Ouija board. A cup is also needed.

All the people gather around the cardboard and put the cup in the middle. The letters and numbers are arranged in a circle to let the glass move in the middle. Then the participants put their index finger on the glass and try to invoke, being concentrated with their eyes fixed on the glass.

If it starts to move quickly, it means that they have been able to contact someone and that it is not at all friendly. If the glass does not move, the person they consider most sensitive or susceptible in the group should ask if anyone is present. To finish the game you must wait for the spirit to say goodbye and you can set them free. If this is not done, the spirit will be tormented and unable to return.

The devil in the mirror

A peculiar and solitary game. There have been cases in which people have been seriously affected psychologically because although this demonic invocation does not affect physical harm, it can seriously affect the spirit.

With the devil in the mirror, you can see the king of darkness for a single second. Legend has it that the devil goes out to make an inspection of the earth just on Christmas Eve.

That’s when the opportunity presents itself. In order to see him you have to be alone in a bathroom in front of a mirror, light preferably black candles and wait for midnight on December 24th.

Just before 12 o’clock, you must stand in front of the mirror and wait for the chimes to start. You will close your eyes and right at the last bell, you will open your eyes in front of the mirror. Only then will you be able to see the devil for a second and then he will disappear. Leaving a pungent smell of sulfur and probably your mental health destroyed.

It is said that when you see him, you must use holy water quickly, throw it into the mirror and leave the bathroom as soon as possible so that nothing else can happen.

Have you ever played any of these games before?

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