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Screams: the world’s largest Halloween theme park

Themed parks have been around in America for over 150 years now, and although they began with calm and fun rides such as the Ferris Wheel, today themed parks have been stepping up their game and taking fun into a whole new level, creating the most unique and memorable experiences ever. 

Located in Dallas, the Screams Halloween Themed Park is one of the longest Halloween-theme parks in America, it is filled with old-world inspired shops, decorations, and talented actors all around the park, promise to keep you entertained all the time! Also, be aware when queuing at the lines for the haunted houses! there are several monsters looking for the perfect opportunity to haunt you when you less expect it…

Make your way along a horrifying haunted house filled with twists and turns that will freak you out: The Zombie Wasteland Apocalypse. Fight to the finish! survivors think you’re a zombie, zombies think you are food… Never let your guard down during this scary journey, as there will be zombies all around the place and you will have to avoid them! 

Cursed… The Witches of TerraMythica Castle is the largest of the attractions in this theme park. An impressive and spooky castle awaits you, with walls and turrets illuminated by light from torch fires above its entrance. Filled with witches, black magic, werewolves, and plenty of horrific creatures. Doom rooms, torture rooms, black magic rooms give this castle a unique and spooky vibe that no other attraction has. 

The Capt’n Barbarosa’s Blood Harbour is a new, modern type of haunted house with 3D effects that will make you scream your heart out. Looting, murder & magic await as you enter a cursed pirate village and encounter the evil that encompasses it! Beware the spooky crab men, as they blend into the surroundings waiting for your arrival to surprise you.

Careful when entering the PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos, as it is an incredibly challenging scary maze. This maze has an unusual design to it, with its re-design it has become even more struggling to find the exit, and the monsters and frightening creatures do not make it any easier: great at startling guests, even though there aren’t many good hiding places for them.

Screams also offer a large food court in the back of the park, three taverns, and a full-service bar and restaurant called Full Moon Cafe: full-service bar and restaurant found in the back of the food court area. Plenty of Halloween lights and props, bartenders, and servers wearing great costumes and makeup, specialty drinks, and amazing food can be found in the Full Moon Cafe. 

A great tip for you to enjoy this spooky theme park is to get your tickets and speed passes online, this way you’ll be able to skip the lines when getting in and it will also reduce the wait time significantly (as many visitors have said).

There is just so much to do at the Screams Halloween themed park, with five haunted houses and a whole lot more! The Zombie Wasteland Apocalypse 

Which of these haunted houses would you like to go first?

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