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The two exorcisms performed by «Pope John Paul II»

In the year 2012 came to light a book called «This is how you defeat the devil» by the writer Jose Maria Zavala, this includes many testimonies of exorcists, some are really spectacular and frightening, it is an amazing book, in some chapters it talks about the various diabolic possessions and what events can be major factors for an entity to take the will of a body.

In the third chapter «I have seen Satan» there is an interview with the most famous exorcist father in Rome, Gabriele Armoth, in which he narrates the struggle that Pope John Paul II had against two demons of great power, one was in the year 1982 and the other is 2000, the first was on April 4, a Palm Sunday.

The first was a girl named Francesca, who sought help one morning at the papal audience to be exorcised, the pope nodded and decided to do it, first he questioned her about what she felt, for this, he took her to the private chapel that the pope had in the Vatican, this during the interview, began to spit and roll around on the floor in an extravagant manner, the clergy witnesses mention that it was a case of behavior as mentioned in the gospel, the pope also looked on in amazement, the exorcism was performed. Father Gabriele assures that Francesca’s release required five years of blessings.

The second case was the month of September in the year 2000, which was more notorious and known because the fact happened in front of thousands of people who were going to the audiences. This time in St. Peter’s Square was when some clergymen perceived the strange behavior of a 19-year-old girl who was accompanied by her brother and parents, these seeing the discomfort of the girl decided to place it upfront with the sick people when the pope came to bless she began to act and shout as a possessed person.

He tried to calm her down but she showed superhuman strength, while she was talking directly to Bishop Gianni Danzi, who blessed her directly. The policemen who tried to hold her down were hurt, the pope while continuing with the blessing was informed of the disorder in the public, He gave the order to take her away from the people and in a closed place, he performed the exorcism, made in the presence of her father. That day the young woman calmed down but two days later it was decided, to perform another exorcism.

On the second day of blessings, a supernatural event is narrated. When the young girl arrived she laughed in a mocking manner, the bishop who received her asked her what was the reason for so much joviality, she answered, «not even your boss has been able to do anything with me» in the interview Father Gabriele mentions that this girl was possessed since she was 12 years old, because of her purity.

In one part of the interview, Armoth mentions that in one of the exorcisms he performed he asked the devil why he was so afraid of John Paul II. The devil replied that he had taken the souls of many young people and another reason was that he had not allowed communism in Europe, another question he asked was because he was afraid of the virgin, the devil replied: «I have been humiliated and defeated by a human creature.»

No doubt this is a pretty interesting book that a fan of the paranormal can’t help but read.

Have you heard about these exorcism before?

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