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The 7 Trumpets of the Apocalypse

You are about to learn the meaning of the 7 trumpets of the Apocalypse and the chilling events that come with a…

The Bible has prophetic writings that reveal terrible things to us, and it refers to tragic events that will happen before the final judgment. It is said that God sends seven angels to the earth and each one will blow his trumpet, this with the purpose of announcing us that the end of an era is coming…

Soon there will be catastrophic phenomena such as huge hailstones of fire that will cause heavy fires, it will be the end of a third of the living beings and there will be darkness on the earth, like horrible plagues, among other things.

Before this happens, the cleanest people or «the servants of God» will disappear to exclude them from his fury, while on earth he will leave the most disobedient with the intention that we become aware and repent of our actions, and we will be able to choose between the path of good or evil.

The chilling events will occur during the seven trumpets, where according to the book of Revelation they will be the following

The 7 trumpets of the Apocalypse

First Trumpet

Flaming meteor rocks will fall to the ground, causing dangerous fires on impact. It will be the downfall of forests, fields, crops, and pastures invaded by flames, and not only that since it is said that volcanoes will also erupt.

Second Trumpet

A huge asteroid will enter the planet’s orbit at high speed and fall into the sea, causing the destruction of ships, cruise ships, cargo ships, and similar vessels. It will also be the loss of many species, thus painting its waters red.

Third Trumpet

Another asteroid will impact one-third of our rivers, thus harming water plants. The water will be darkened by the remains of the asteroid and will be fatal to the organism, as all those people who drink it will lose their lives through poisoning.

Fourth Trumpet

After the first three trumpets, the day will darken as well as the night and this is due to the material released by the asteroids and the smoke as the pollution that will circulate in the air. At the fourth trumpet, buildings, streets, and roads will begin to be destroyed. It will damage communication systems, as well as transport systems and chaos, will begin.

These first four trumpets will open many eyes to humanity. However, the ones that come after are nothing compared to the previous ones, since the last three trumpets are considered the most serious ones since the kingdom of evil will enter our world.

Fifth Trumpet

Satan and his army of demons will come to earth, but not with horrific aspects as depicted in the images. He will appear as the image of Jesus, making mankind believe that he was the one who sent all the previous tragedies to repent and worship him. People who refuse to do so will be tormented in a terrible and cruel way, but he will offer mercy to all those who follow him.

Sixth Trumpet

Satan’s army grows stronger with a mixture of demon soldiers and some people who decided to worship him for a little pity. The earth will be completely destroyed and will be a battlefield where his army will be ordered to end the lives of all the disobedient people who opposed him, as the last warning.

Seventh and last trumpet

The world will be shaken by a strong earthquake, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The glory of the Lord will come lighting up the heavens, Christ will raise the dead, and all the faithful believers will be made immortal.

They will be able to worship the teacher of their choice, whether it be Jesus or Satan. During those three years of destruction, with the seventh trumpet will come the seven angels with the seven bowls of the wrath of God.

which of the seven trumpets of the Apocalypse do you find most frightening?

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