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«The Devil made me do it», real story behind the upcoming movie The Conjuring 3

The films of The Conjuring have become a phenomenon within the paranormal genre thanks to their hypnotic and spooky stories and the case for their third film will impact everyone.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, seems that it will be the title of this third part, making a reference on one of the most famous cases in the history of demonic possessions in the world…

The story begins in 1980, in Brookfield, Connecticut, when David Glatzel, only 11 years old, began to have nightmares, he assured that a man with enormous black eyes, thin and emaciated face with animal features, sharp teeth, horns, and pointed ears, scared him. From this point on, he changed radically, becoming very nervous.

While David was sleeping, scratches began to appear on his body, scaring his sister Debbie, who asked her fiancé, Arne Cheyenne Johnson, to stay with the family for a while, and help her take care of her little brother. David’s situation worsened as he no longer saw the man only in his dreams, but also while he was awake.

The Glatzels were so desperate, they decided to call in Ed and Lorraine Warren, who then took the case and traveled to Brookfield.

«As Ed was interviewing the boy, I could see a dark mist forming beside the boy; that was certainly of a dark nature. The boy told Ed that he couldn’t stand it when this being held him by the neck and arms. It always left marks…» – Lorraine Warren

The Warrens, along with other priests, performed several exorcisms. In total there were 3 rituals necessary. In one of David’s sessions Arne Cheyenne Johnson was present and he challenged the demons telling them they were cowards, unable to stand up to him.

After a while, Arne’s character began to change dramatically, and he began to have the same symptoms as David. According to Debbie, Arne had trances where he claimed to see a strange man and his memory was blank right after regaining consciousness.

On February 16, 1981, everything was to change drastically. On that day Debbie and Arne decided to meet friends and family in a bar.

When they returned home, Arne began to displayed unexpectedly weird behavior, and suddenly he took the life of Alan (his landlord).

Martin Minnella was Arne’s lawyer, who insisted on using Satanic possession as a defense.

The Warrens were present in the trail, but however, Arne was doomed, 10 to 20 years in jail, of which he served only 5, for good behavior…

Afterward Arne Cheyenne Johnson, still claims that he did not act under his own, but was influenced by an evil entity, he was influenced by the devil.

What do you think about this case?

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