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There’s a belief that the dogs howl at night when they sense the death

You know one of the theories of why dogs howl at night…

According to legends and myths, dogs have the ability to see death, so in many places of the world, especially in towns where many traditions are still preserved, it is believed that the dogs of a neighborhood howl when the death walks through their streets.

It’s funny, but there are countless stories, which say that the night before someone passes away, the dogs that live around begin to howl in a chilling way, as if a tragedy was coming.

It’s a howl of pain that gives you goosebumps. Moreover, it is not only their wails, another of the behaviors that are coming to haunt them, is also that they stand on two legs and raise their heads as if they were looking at the moon.

It is said that dogs howl shortly before the person’s departure, and also shortly after, as the soul of the deceased person accompanies the death back to the world of souls.

Why do dogs howl when they see death?

It is said that dogs howl when they sense that death is near, thanks to their developed sense of smell, because they can smell the unique and sinister scent of the entity.

Real case (why dogs howl at the night)

Stories are told of dogs howling shortly before a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, occurs, and although it is not known whether it is something supernatural or scientific, this assumption has been proven to be true.

So much so that in 1975, in a Chinese city, when the local dogs began to howl and get upset, the authorities decided to evacuate all its inhabitants, and indeed hours later a huge earthquake arrived, shaking the entire city and finishing almost all the buildings, but human lives were saved thanks to the miracle dogs.

Unfortunately there have been many events in history, which despite the insistence on the canines’ laments, their warning has not been heeded, as in the case of Japan, when one night in September 1923, the dogs howled for hours, it was their warning that something bad was coming, the next day an earthquake arrived, in which more than 140,000 Japanese passed away.

These days seem to be frightening and dogs can sense it, have you heard any dog howling at night recently?

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