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The dictionary with all the existing demons

The history of the grimoire «Diccionario Infernal» (Infernal Dictionary), the book that exposes all the existing demons, with images of how they look…

It was written in 1818 and it is a grimoire written to teach all readers the form and specifications of the demons, to know how to identify them and not to fall into their games.

One of the biggest questions that people have been wondering for centuries is how demons would look like, clear images of most of the demons were obtained with the illustrations of this French dictionary, work of Jacques Auguste. Jacques devoted himself to the task of gathering all the information that he had of all the existing demons and to give them a clear face.

«Diccionario Infernal» is the name of the book born from the study of demonology, a branch of theology that studies the origins of demons, differences which according to the Christian church is nothing more than fallen angels.

The purpose of any demon dictionary is not only to collect the data of all existing beings but to gather knowledge and use it as a tool for judgment. These dictionaries have been also used by witches and diabolists, who study the structure of hell. Although during the centuries it has been known that those who use them more often are diabolists since the information helps them and even teaches them how to invoke the creatures.

At the same time, the dictionary gives instructions to carry out covens, learning spells, talismans, and medicines. A fundamental part of the dictionary is its illustrations, created by Louis Le Breton and which you have surely seen before since the current appearance of demons is strongly influenced by the illustrations of this Frenchman.

The dictionary contains representations of demons, monsters, and magic beasts, apart from having their detailed stories and hierarchy in all their circles. Explaining, for example, the Seven Princes of Hell, the demons of Astaroth, Lucifer, or Asmodeus.

So if you’ve ever had any doubts about which are the existing demons in the world, you know where to look…

As the book described by the same author: «An infernal dictionary or a universal library about the beings, characters, books, actions and causes that concern the manifestations and magic of trading with hell; divinations, occult sciences, grimories, miracles, errors, prejudices, traditions, traditional stories, the various superstitions and, generally, all forms of the wonderful, surprising, mysterious and beliefs in the supernatural».

Fortunately, despite its age, it can be found on the internet so if you are interested in knowing everything you can about demons, witches, and how to identify them, the Diccionario Infernal is perfect.

Some images of existing demons

These are some of the illustrations that were part of the most famous edition of the book and that, surely at some point, you have seen exemplifying demons in various media.

Do you know any of these demons?

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