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How to know if you are being Bewitched

Have you ever asked yourself, «How do I know if I’m being cursed or bewitched?» If so, it’s time for you to know the symptoms…

Sometimes you might feel like suddenly the world turns against you, things don’t work out as you planned and even though you are surrounded by good people you feel misunderstood, is it simply bad luck? Or is someone practicing some witchcraft or black magic against you?

We are all prone to become victims of witchcraft, regardless of whether you are skeptical or not, but if you believe in the Holy Bible and the powers of God, then you must also believe in the powers of the devil.

Here are some of the symptoms to answer the question: «How do I know if I’m being made a witch?»

1) Personal belongings and pictures are missing

If you notice that suddenly items like your toothbrush, underwear or anything else that belongs to you are suspiciously missing, it is likely that a person who wants to harm you took them because the belongings are one of the basic elements to perform both white magic spells and black magic; The most difficult elements to detect that was stolen from you are within your body such as nails and hair. Plus your photograph, as the latter is easily available through social networks.

2) You have thoughts, visions, or emotions that do not feel like your own

You have to be careful with these symptoms because they can also be the symptoms of mental illness, so it is best to rule out that this is not a medical problem. If it is ruled out, it is almost certain that you are a victim of black magic: when the voices tell you to hurt someone else then you should reach out and get help immediately.

3) Witnessing or feeling the presence of magic

Although it might sound a bit vague, it is one of the most effective ways of realizing if you are bewitched. When magic surrounds you, you can feel it; some of the sensations are feeling watched, sudden smells, or an unpleasant sensation floating in the air.

4) Dreaming of the person who bewitched you

It is normal to dream about random people, it does not mean that they have tried to curse or bewitched you.. but if someone did it, then they will surely appear in your dreams consecutively. It’s like an indication or sign that keeps coming into your mind.

5) A feeling of tiredness never leaves you

If you feel apathetic all the time, filled with dark emotions, you feel a certain pain that you didn’t feel before, it’s because the black magic is feeding off your energy.

6) Success has vanished from your life

No matter what you do or how hard you try, success is impossible, a bad streak that never ends.

7) You find it practically impossible to save money

As soon as the money arrives, it leaves, because although you try to manage it in the best way, an unexpected situation always occurs that makes you spend it, there are often problems at work and the accumulation of debt.

8) You have plenty of trouble sleeping

This can also be confused with suffering from insomnia, but if you can sleep and nightmares torment you all night, sleep paralysis can occur accompanied by sinister entities.

And remind that although these are just some of the symptoms, there are many more, and they can vary according to the spell performed…

Are you ready to find out if you’re being made a witch?

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