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The Munich’s Cathedral, the place where the devil appeared and left his mark

The Cathedral of Our Dear Lady is a Gothic-style church that holds a dark secret, as it´s said that the devil left his mark on the sacred temple.

It all started when the architect Halsbach, who would be in charge of building the cathedral decided to make a pact with the devil so that he wouldn´t interfere in his work, the devil accepted on one condition, that the church be built without windows, if the architect would break the deal, Satan would take his soul.

When the cathedral was finished and consecrated, the devil looked at the church from the entrance and everything seemed correct, he couldn´t look at any window, but Halsbach had set a trap for him because behind some columns there were windows that could not be seen from the entrance .

When the devil found out that he was cheated, his fury was so intense that he decided to leave his footprint.

The second version tells that the devil entered the already finished cathedral, and it gave him a lot of laughter that the church had no windows, he laughed and laughed until he suddenly saw that there really were windows behind the columns, it gave him so much courage that he tried to tear down the cathedral but was unsuccessful, so at least he decided to leave his mark on the entrance.

Regardless of which version is true, the year the church was finished, the architect Halsbach passed away, if the legend is true, the devil claimed Halsbach’s soul.

Here you can see the footprint of the devil…

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