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An abandoned, eerie looking Asylum in Indiana is now for sale

Usually, when a place loses its shine, is abandoned and becomes completely desolate, people lose interest in visiting it, although there are always those who love the dark and the dark that love the adrenaline of fear and mystery… if you are one of those people then you should know that you can buy this asylum, abandoned!

There is a certain charm in the abandoned asylums, always come with a dark vibration that even occasionally makes them even more special after deteriorating, and curiously many people like to visit the asylums to meet some spirit or live any kind of paranormal activity.

This is the case of the old asylum in Bloomingdale, Indiana. The home used to function as the Parke County Asylum for the Poor but has since been closed in 2010, according to Asylum Projects, due to the owner’s unwillingness to pay taxes.

The home is located on 6.2 acres and is being sold just the way it was left and as a residential or commercial property for only $200,000. The number of rooms is not listed, but it can be expected to be a huge project. This is a very old building, and to buy it or schedule a tour you should contact Eric Wolfe, Prime Real Estate Group.

To get to this asylum you’ll only need to take a close drive away from town, close to a local golf course. However, its is still a building with lots of potential, behind the main facility a cell house can be found, and this area could serve as several purposes. In addition, the property also includes a pole barn which can be used for increased storage.

«There are lots of possibilities with this property for lodging, apartments, single-family or creative commercial use. Property sold as-is and condition of all utilities and building components unknown. Bring your creative ideas.»

This 1930, the building was built in a Gothic/Greek Revival style is listed as a county home that could expedite its listing on the National Register of Historic Places and since it has remained vacant for about a decade now, anyone with the interest of acquiring it most know that the property comes with some major renovation and restoration work.

It all sounds like a great offer! Although the place itself looks pretty scary, what do you think?

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