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This is the most sinister and disturbing movie you’ll find on Netflix

Some of the best elements that makes up an interesting horror movie are the mix of mystery, suspense, terror and a series of somewhat disturbing scenes, so if you are looking for a film that has all of these characteristics then Girl on the Third Floor is your film. Many viewers have said that reaching the end of this movie is a challenge because beyond being a scary movie, it is also extremely disturbing.

The story of this film follows Don Koch, a man with a somewhat complicated past who wishes to have a new start in life with his pregnant wife, Liz. The couple, looking into the future with hope, acquire a new house in the Chicago Suburbs, but this place will be far from what they hope to call home.

Don Koch is determined to fix this house, it becomes a new personal challenge, but for some reason, every detail that Don tries to renovate ends up in failure. The house renovation seems to get worse in a pretty scary way, followed by paranormal and disgusting happenings.

Don begins to experience unrealistic events, as he tries to repair the house it seems to bleed, parts of the ceiling collapse out of nowhere, every pipe is leaking with strange fluids and goos… it seems that repairing it is impossible.

But even more, disturbing events are about to happen, events which not only involve the mental and physical health of Don Koch but also of his wife. They come to acknowledge that this house hides a very twisted and macabre secret.

Travis Stevens made his directorial debut with this psychological haunted house chiller and made a couple of comments about it during an interview. Stevens shared his affinity for practical special effects and his commitment to trying to inspire terror and disgust through the use of these in his film.

Stevens also mentioned that one of his horror-inspirations was Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser along with other contemporary artists, sculptors, and photographers. He was aiming for an unsettling and horrific but somewhat artistic style for his movie. 

Some critics might say that Girl on the Third Floor is lacking certain elements within its plot, but almost all viewers agree on this movie being surreal with genuinely nasty and gory scenes; others describe it as quite a disturbing film, dark and perverse in many ways with many discomforting scenes… 

If you are interested, you can watch the trailer here:

What other movies do you think are just as disturbing ad Girl on the Third Floor?

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