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Blink-182’s member Tom DeLong shares UFO footage and The US Navy confirms its authenticity

Reports of unidentified flying objects are not a new issue, as they have been accumulating for several decades and what seemed to be fabricated rumors have now been confirmed by the government itself and the people who share reports of the appearance of objects such as UFOs are no longer only ordinary citizens, but also celebrities as well.

This was the case of Tom DeLonge, member of the band Blink-182, who had previously visualized images of strange flying objects, although the first report that the celebrity made about these figures was not completely accepted by society, because at that time there was still a lot of skepticism about the subject.

This situation changed when Joseph Gradisher, a U.S. Navy spokesman, made a statement about some strange images captured by military cameras and were apparently the same flying objects that DeLonge had previously encountered.

To the Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences is a public benefit corporation co-founded by Tom Delonge, which had captured video footage of the flying object but it was not until recently that the U.S. Navy corroborated its authenticity.

The material is composed of three videos, which had been published about three years ago, the US Navy recently declassified them, showing that the U.S. government is maintaining its research, investigating these objects as they could be considered possible threats.

Although the videos had already been leaked to the public, the fact that they are now recognized as official material leaves much to think about…

“Those three videos are just part of a larger effort by the U.S. Navy to try and investigate a series of incursions into our training ranges by phenomena that we’re calling unidentified aerial phenomena,”  – Joseph Gradisher

The government is beginning to confirm the authenticity of this type of material. Gradisher mentions how extremely important it is for airmen to have a safe space in which to train, the reason why any type of flying object with unknown origins can represent a threat to airmen’s safety.

What do you think about these videos and the fact that the US Navy has confirmed they are real?

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