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This is how the old lady of the Titanic looked when she was young, she was the most pretty woman in the world

One of the golden films that became a worldwide classic was Titanic, with an amazing cast such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who showed everyone how romantic a love story can be and also how events can mark the history of humanity. However, they are not the only actors acclaimed by the public, Gloria Frances Stewart, who played the elderly version of Rose was also one of the favorite actresses in this movie.

This great actress had a very interesting life and a prolific career throughout her life, then we will tell you a large part of her.

Gloria Frances Stewart was born on July 4, 1910, in Santa Monica, California. She adopted the pseudonym Gloria Stuart and then proceed to pursue an acting career, after having performed in some university theater when she was a student at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1930 she left her school-life behind, to live with her husband and sculptor Blair Gordon Newell, in the city of San Francisco.

Years passed, and the couple decided to move to Carmel, Arizona where Gloria found a way to get inside the artistic society and soon enough perform in local theaters.

Her career finally bloomed when she moved back to California to study Fine Arts at the Pasadena Playhouse where a Universal producer discovered her talents and potential, offering the opportunity of her life.

During the 1930s she began her career as an actress in the movies working with the horror filmmaker, James Whale, in films such as A Kiss before the Looking Glass (1933), The Invisible Man (1933) and The Shadow House (1932). Gloria Stuart became an incredibly successful actress, but sadly her husband did not agree with the path she was taking so they divorced in 1934.

As a young beautiful woman, It did not take long when Stuart remarried and this time Roman Escandalos’ (1933) writer Arthur Seekman, a year later they had a daughter together.

She desired a bigger step into her career, so in 1936 she canceled the contract she had with Universal and joined 20th Century Fox.

The war years arrived, Gloria Stuart felt the need to help her country somehow and so she deicded to help people cope with tough times by entertaining the troops in hospitals and helping in the sale of war bonds. At the end of the war, the actress decided to withdraw from the environment so she opened a store of decorations and began to devote herself to art as a painter.

After 30 years of being away from the spotlight, Gloria Stuart looked for a new agent to return to acting. In 1975 she starred in the series The Legend of Lizzie Borden and in 1982 she was part of the movie My Favorite Year. After returning to the Hollywood world, she also opened a printing shop called Imprenta Glorias.

In 1997 she had one of the most memorable roles of her career which boosted her recognition within the celebrity world, this thanks to the director James Cameron, playing Rose DeWitt Bukater, who was one of the survivors of the tragic event of the sinking of the Titanic with supposedly 101 years when in real life she had 87.

In the year 2010, Gloria Frances Stewart died in Los Angeles California at 100 years of age after having made a great career in the filming, painting, and printing industries.

Without a doubt, she was a very beautiful and elegant young woman. What do you think?

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