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The diabolical Chucky doll was inspired by the true story of a toy who until today, is still possessed

Not everything we watch in movies is false and even though most of the time the characters are fictional it doesn’t mean that evil does not exist since some stories are based on real events…

This is the case of the popular saga of the evil doll, Chucky, which was inspired by an old doll that until now, remains cursed.

The story behind the spooky Chucky doll begins with a real haunted doll named Robert, which was the cause of several paranormal events.

Robert Eugene Otto was given a handmade doll by a worker in the early 20th century in Florida, a person who practiced witchcraft. This was far more than just a toy, it was a doll with a life of its own, which Robert Eugene decided to call the same as himself.

With Robert’s arrival, paranormal phenomena began to happen in the house…

Flying objects against walls and Robert Eugene always said that it was his doll, which also was his best friend.  Eugene grew up, got married, and the doll was sent to the attic, as his wife was afraid of him, but soon after that, he was moved to the guest room. 

Many occasions, Eugene’s home workers preferred to remove their jobs because they could not bear to the doll’s horrible laughter. After Eugene passed away, Robert became the property of the new house owners who had a 10-year-old daughter. Once this little girl had an incident with the doll, saying that Robert was alive and locked the door so her parents couldn’t help her.

Today, Robert still wears his white sailor suit hugging his stuffed lion and can be visited at the Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. 

Anyone who wants a picture of or with him must ask for his permission. Otherwise, he could do bad things…

In the museum, a gigantic collection of photographs and letters in which people ask Robert to remove the curse that has fallen on them is displayed; they all ask for forgiveness, after taking a picture without asking or making fun of him.

Even in the museum where he is today, it is said that at night you can hear noises and see shadows from his exhibition.

Would you like to visit Robert and ask him for a picture?

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