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For all those The Walking Dead fans, this is the Ride you need to take!

Thinking about a zombie apocalypse is one of the deepest and possibly most underestimated fears that exist because thanks to pop culture this is presented to us basically as a fantasy, or something partially difficult to happen…

However, that does not stop us from enjoying a good series or movie with this theme such as The Walking Dead! and if you are a fan of the nerve-wracking series, then you have to know this attraction!

The Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey has launched «The Walking Dead: The Ride», the first roller coaster on the planet to be themed around the series splashed with red, horror and suspense.

They turned an ordinary building into a true homage to some of the most emblematic places of AMC’s zombie drama: the essences of places such as the prison in seasons 3/4 and the Terminus cannibal point in seasons 4/5 can be perceived inside the facilities, while you queue up for your exit in «The Walking Dead: The Ride».

The commitment to the Walking Dead brand is truly remarkable, Since the night of the preview, the park has been filled with zombies, running through the queues and stalking the customers, immersing the people into the world of The Walking Dead.

Overall, The Walking Dead: The Ride feels like a gift made especially for fans of Rick Grimes’ extreme adventures. From the tail to the roller coaster itself, you can tell that this attraction was carefully crafted to become a horror paradise for TV fans.

As if that wasn’t enough, Thorpe Park also managed to organize a series of terrifying events to entertain its visitors: a special maze of live-action, The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare Extreme.

Fans of the spectacular zombie series will thoroughly enjoy the Easter eggs and the thrill factor of this new TWD attraction, as well as feel the fun in all the other rides on offer.

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead or an overall zombie fan?

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