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Be ready, The Conjuring’s real haunted house is having a live-stream

All The Conjuring movies have become a favorite for many horror fans and with the past news that the real house from The Conjuring had been bought by a couple and was under repair to be opened to the public, thousands of fans of the paranormal were anxious! but sadly, 2020 arrived with an unpleasant surprise that would postpone these plans: a lockdown.

Well, for all those who had hopes of being able to visit the real house behind this terrifying movie, now it’s possible! The Dark Zone Network will be in charge of entertaining the world with an exclusive and creepy live-stream, are you ready?

Corey and Jennifer Heinzen, former owners form this haunted house, will be hosting a live-stream which will include cameras covering several different rooms, all around the house. But this is not the end, the Heinzen’s share a great passion for the paranormal, so the live-stream will be accompanied by rituals and paranormal sessions with an Ouija board.

The Details

The Dark Zone Network titled this haunting live-stream «The House» and in case you don’t want to miss the premiere, it will be available from May 9 to May 16: the interactive week-long series will be available 24/7.

A full 24-hour live-stream will cost $4.99 meanwhile full week access will cost $19.99 take into consideration that The Dark Zone Network will be giving a portion of the proceeds directly to COVID related charities.

On May 8 at 8 PM ET you’ll be able to access a free live preview and you can also receive a discount on advanced tickets on May 1, so be ready!

Is the link not working properly?

No doubt this will be a unique event! and there are thousands of people who want to witness it, for this reason, the number of clicks that were generated on the page was too many, causing a temporary shutdown, but do not worry because The Dark Zone Network is working hard to solve it.

What kind of paranormal phenomenon do you expect to see during this haunting live-stream?

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