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What do the most common and unsettling nightmares really mean?

The interpretation of nightmares is quite complex, even more so than that of dreams because their meaning responds more than ever to the personal situation of the person who suffers them. However, there are clear meanings for all those most frequent nightmares, well known to almost all of us for having experienced one of them on some occasion.

Here are the meanings behind some of the most commonly terrifying nightmares

Losing one or multiple teeth

Dreaming of losing your teeth is quite common, and can have several meanings. According to experts, it indicates anxiety or simply depression. It can also indicate feelings of helplessness and lack of control over your daily life, or simply that you’re getting older. This dream is also linked to feelings of insecurity, fear of change, poor decision-making, and personal dissatisfaction. There is also a certain symbol behind the type of tooth you have lost or the number of teeth you have lost.

Being lost or desperately looking for something/someone

Experts explain that the dream of being lost or trying to find something that is lost is common when we suffer from anxiety, confusion or frustration, or simply the feeling you get when you don’t fit in. It can be the anxiety of your current life situation, the beginning of a new phase, and the uncertainty of being able to create new relationships.

Being trapped or being unable to move

If in your dream you are about to be trapped or unable to move, it could be related to your being trapped in your real life: whether it is a relationship, a job, or an unpleasant situation that manifests itself in your dreams. In the most extreme cases, you may feel that you have lost the ability to breathe or move. Often, it is related to the frustrations you experience in real life. The dream of being trapped can also represent the feeling of not having the power because you find yourself in situations that are out of your control.

Falling down

The most common dream is the feeling of falling. Some people say that if you hit the ground it is because you are going to die in real life, but this is completely false. According to experts, there is a more scientific meaning to this type of dream, losing your balance or having the sensation of falling into a dream may be due to a change in blood pressure when introduced into unconsciousness. The movement of fluid in the inner ear, which helps control balance, might be another factor. Some other meanings it may have is the feeling that your life is not under control or somehow not in balance.

Being attacked by something or someone

Dreaming of being attacked or hurt can have a variety of meanings depending on the situation. Being hurt in a dream can be related to feeling powerless in real life. Self-harm can be related to worrying that you may intentionally or accidentally harm your own efforts. If in your dream you are able to heal your own injury or defend yourself from attack, it is considered a positive sign, suggesting that you are capable of coping with what is bothering you in real life. It can also be connected to a recovery from a physical injury or emotional pain.


It is rather common to have dreams in which someone ends up dying or sometimes even yourself, but it is not necessarily a sign of death or a bad omen. Dreams about death can represent rebirth, perhaps a chapter of your life that has ended and this symbolizes the need to make room for new beginnings. Dreams of graves or gravesite often represent a concern that a part of you has ceased to exist. But as we grow older, dreams related to death are nothing more than the subconscious accepting mortality and the inevitable conclusion of life.

Being caught in natural disasters

Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, and more… these dreams are frightening because we are at the mercy of natural force, but in reality, what the nightmare reflects is a mental or emotional issue. Being faced with these events can mean that we are lost in an emotional cataclysm, that we don’t know which direction to take in terms of certain decisions, and that at that moment we feel overwhelmed in general.

What is the most recurring nightmare you usually have?

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