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These are some of the darkest and forbidden magical books ever to exist

During history, different cultures and nations have prohibited by law the reading of some books for their population, sometimes because of their political contents and others because of ideologies or beliefs that they did not want to be popularized in those places, but apart from these books, there have been others that have not been prohibited by law, but as a precaution of life itself, because of their dangerous magical properties.

The Book of Thot

Made of 78 gold plates, written with signs and hieroglyphics, it is said to be a book written by the God Thoth, in charge of measuring time and ruling the heavens. And supposedly (since it is not known where the book could be from) it contained the wisdom of the Universe. What gave the bearer, if he was chosen to have it, a great compendium of power, among which was knowing the future, knowing how to revive the dead, communicate with animals and so on.

If the book was written and the stories are true, it would have approximately 10,000 to 20,000 years old and that is why the Egyptian priests who were in charge of it, kept it very well, to prevent anyone could have access to this great and dangerous power.

Voynich Manuscript

A manuscript rediscovered in 1912, which is considered forbidden and mystical, not so much because of its content, but because it is not within our reach.

It is written in a language or dialect that does not exist and that nobody has been able to decipher, apart from showing many illustrations among its pages, among which are plants that do not exist and have not existed, astrological symbols, creatures in the shape of jellyfish and women, apart from architectural illustrations, of styles that did not exist until centuries after its writing. Although it is not known who the author was, through studies its antiquity was discovered, verifying that it is from the medieval period.

Dzyan’s book

The legend of this book is very mystical, for according to history only those with psychic affinity can discover it, for it has no words or letters but symbols, and it was given to the people of Atlantis by people from another world and is therefore presumed to be the oldest book in the world.

Whether it is true or not, its oldest existing copy dates from the year 595 in China, and it collects supposedly Buddhist knowledge.

The Devil’s Bible

Among the most basic of the book were the Old and New Testaments; two works by Flavius Josephus; Etymologies by Isidore of Seville; the book of medical teaching Ars Medicinae, which could have been confused with witchcraft.

As well as an alarming and enormous illustration of the Devil in great detail, which is an indication of his legend, since it is said to have been written by a monk who, after having committed a sin, wanted to be redeemed by writing the greatest book in the world in one night, but after a few hours and realizing that he could not carry it out, he made a pact with the Devil in exchange for his soul and the illustration.

The Necronomicon

Although some copies have been released of this supposed book, all have turned out to be a hoax, and when first mentioned in the Universe created by H. P. Lovecraft, it is believed to be nothing more than an invention, however, it is worth mentioning that there are cults around the world that worship it as if it were a bible.

If it were true, it would be a great misfortune for someone to have it in their possession, as it deals with cosmic mysteries beyond our understanding, and serves to summon forces stronger than we can think and which would end up driving those who read it to total madness.

Among the things that it supposedly could give, is the power to revive the dead, to travel to other times and other dimensions and formulas to call the entities already mentioned.

Have you ever heard of any of these books before? Or do you know a different forbidden book?

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