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5 old photographs invaded by ghosts

Before the photos existed, it was not possible to capture paranormal evidence, it only remained to trust the ghosts stories that people told. However, since the camera exists, there have been endless photos where ghosts can be seen. And some of the most interesting are the following.

Tulip Staircase

The photo was taken in 1966, on a staircase of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, a religious took it and when he revealed it, he noticed a strange figure.

Many professionals reviewed that the negative had not been modified and found it intact. Many people are witnesses to seeing ghost sightings at the museum. According to legend, a woman was thrown down those stairs more than 300 years ago, so that ghost could be her.

Mom’s ghost

In 1959 a woman went to the cemetery to visit her mother’s grave, before leaving, the woman took a photo of her husband in the car. However, when she revealed the photo she found that there was another person in the car with her husband, it was her late mother.

She took the negative to a professional and he assured that the entity was there. It seems that the mother decided to go with them.

Lady Dorothy

This happened in 1936 and it could be the most famous ghost photo that exists. Some people were visiting Raynham Hall, England, they were about to take some photos for a magazine, when they saw something (or someone) coming down the stairs, the man took the photo.

The photo is said to be genuine and is said to be Lady Dorothy Townsend, the first owner of the house.

Toys R Us

In the Sunnyvale, California toy store, while there was a show, this photo was taken in infrared, when they saw it, they found that there was someone else, a man standing in the background, in the wall, all the witnesses assured that the man was not there actually…

It was probably the ghost of a man who always scared employees. Thanks to the fame of photography, mediums visited the place and contacted the spirit, his name was John, in 1880 he was a pastor and passed away there.

The Cemetery Baby

In 1946, a mother visited her daughter’s grave and took a photo of it. When she revealed the photo she found a little baby that was not there. The first thing she imagined was the ghost of her daughter, but she was 17 when she left and the little girl did not look like her daughter either.

It wasn’t until a ghost hunter investigated, that he found that near the grave was the grave of two babies.

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