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Haunting details that no one noticed while watching scary movies

You know a movie has enough suspense, drama, and horror when you get completely lost in the moment and the story. However, the directors sometimes leave us several clues and easter eggs which sometimes reveal what will be the fate of the characters at the end of the film, have you ever noticed any clues?

We will share with you some of the most haunting and amazing easter eggs found in the background of popular horror movies

SAW: Jigsaw’s identity is revealed

The identity of Jigsaw, the heartless man that gives life to everyone’s nightmares, is actually revealed in the first 20 minutes of the film. Right, when Dr. Lawrence is talking in the hospital, the camera makes a brief cut to John Laying in bed (his patience) and for our surprise on his table, he has a sketch of the one and only Reverse Trap, which was used to test Amanda. 

IT: Pennywise eye color changes

When a scary looking clown approaches you out of nowhere, of course, you wouldn’t trust him that much, much less when it appears inside a sewer, right? One of the dirty tricks that Pennywise constantly uses to gain children’s trust is to change the color of their eyes. The first time this happened was when the spooky clown met Georgie, and even in his own book Stephen King mentions:

«They were yellow eyes in there, the sort of eyes he had always imagined but never actually seen down in the basement.»

«How, Georgie wondered, could I have thought his eyes were yellow? They were a bright, dancing blue, the color of his mom’s eyes.»

The Conjuring 2: Valak’s name is spelled in the background

Everyone knows that one cannot kill a demon unless you know its identity and its name, which is why they tend to haunt people for a fair long time. In the film, Valak not only terrorizes the Warrens, but he remains present even in the most unexpected scenes.

Hereditary: Hidden cultists surrounding the house

In a nutshell, one could explain the plot for this movie as a grieving family is haunted by disturbing occurrences… but there is so much more one could talk about this masterpiece. There are plenty of easter eggs on this movie but one that many didn’t seem to notice, were the appearances of the cultists.

The house is shown in the daylight and then there’s a sudden and quick change, turning into a night scene. Its very brief, but if you look closely there are several cultists surrounding the house. Just a few of them are pointed by a red arrow, but if you count them down you’ll find are over 15 cultists standing all around the place.

Midsommar: Hidden faces in nature

A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown’s fabled mid-summer festival, without imagining the horrors that await them. Even though many of the scenes are taken in a beautiful landscape, with plenty of nature, flowers and blue sky, when you stare at the forest in the background you can see something quite horrible…

During the celebration of Dani becoming the new May Queen, her sister’s face can be seen within the trees as if she was haunting her.

Dead Silence: Jigsaw’s puppet from SAW is at Mary Shaws collection

You may remember that movie with a completely scary old lady and a huge collection of dolls, pretty sure our minds did not get rid of that scary image of Mary Shaw… but! something that maybe your mind couldn’t figure out might have been the brief cameo Jigsaw’s puppet had in this movie.

Jamie finally gets to confront Mary Shaw, and he finds himself walking along with her enormous collection of puppets, including Billy (Jigsaw’s Puppet).

Not only in Dead Silence but Billy has been hiding in other movies such as Insidious, James Wan sure loves to feature this macabre puppet in his other films.

Have you ever spotted any of these easter eggs before? Share with us your favorite easter eggs in horror movies

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