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See what “Wednesday” from “The Addams Family” looks like 29 years later

If you are over 20 years old, its certain that you remember “The Addams Family” maybe from old tv-series or thanks to the movie that premiered in 1991.

And of course, we all remember each of the members of this “terrifying” and completely unusual family. Although all of them are unique in their own ways, this time we will talk about Homer and Morticia’s little daughter, Wednesday, who was played by the actress Christina Ricci.

Ricci was born on February 12, 1980, and thanks to her role as Wednesday in the 90’s film she gained fame and recognition at a young age: 11 years old to be precise. Thanks to the success of the film, she filmed various commercials and received more attention.

Her great interpretation of Wednesday Addams did not go unnoticed since the personality of this character fitted perfectly with hers, leaving an unforgettable impression in the audience’s mind.

Christina Ricci kept her acting career alive and ever since her debut in the film “Addams Family” she appeared in many other movies.

Her next performance as Wednesday was in the movie “The Addams Family 2” in 1993 followed by ‘Casper’. The truth is that she has appeared in over 35 films with supporting roles and dubbing projects. Ricci says shared with the media how happy she is to continue working in the entertainment industry and it’s great to keep her acting career alive.

Christina Ricci lives in West Hollywood, California, although she is frequently seen traveling around Miami, New York, Chicago, and even London.

What do you think about the change you can see in your photos? Without a doubt, she grew up to become a very beautiful and talented woman.

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