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This real estate agent specializes in selling haunted houses

The main job of real estate agents is to charm their clients with beautiful houses, stylish apartments, or any building that inspires us with positive vibes and a good atmosphere, something perfect! but curiously, Okuma Akira is just the opposite.

Akira is not just any real estate agent because in his own words, he is «the real estate agent of ghosts».

Akira’s specialty is the haunted houses, or «Jiko Bukken» as they are known in Japan. Surprisingly, in this country buildings with ghosts are more common than we think and in this culture, the Japanese believe that if someone dies alone, commits suicide, or is killed, he returns to haunt the living as a ghost.

With this strong belief in the supernatural, many people are not willing to live in their old homes, which Akira has been able to turn into a good business opportunity.

This peculiar real estate agent has been in the haunted house business for about five years and has worked with approximately 500 haunted properties. Even though it is quite a challenge to find clients for properties where spirits still haunt at night, Akira continues with his work.

On one occasion, Akira tried to sell a property that had 15 tombs and was located in the middle of nowhere, on top of a mountain, for him the business opportunity exists: all the properties are previously repaired, arranged, and offered at a lower price than usual.

Usually, the beliefs in the supernatural are stronger in previous generations, Akira mentions that most of his clients are usually people of «the new generation», people who do not believe in ghosts.

Someone needs to do something about all these haunted houses, the population is increasing very slowly so there are more and more abandoned houses, including the increase of the Jiko Bukken.

Would you be interested in living in a Japanese haunted house?

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