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The Spooky Legend behind Hello Kitty

Meet the legend of Hello Kitty, which tells of the dark origin of this childish cartoon.

Hello Kitty, a sweet kitten that just by seeing her makes you feel tenderness, but despite being a nice character to look at, the reality is that the origin of her story hides a dark secret that, beyond being tender, is chilling…

Hello Kitty was created in 1974 by a Chinese woman for the Japanese company Sanrio. It became a success from the beginning, and despite the years, today it is still a universal icon among young people and children, as we can still appreciate its innocent image everywhere.

Legend has it that in the 1970s, a woman had a 14-year-old daughter diagnosed with oral cancer. Unfortunately, after several failed attempts by doctors to help her, they could not do more about it and advised the mother to be with her in her last days, as the girl’s life would soon be over.

The woman was devastated by the news but she was not yet willing to let go, so she took refuge in faith. She visited many churches, prayed and prayed for a miracle and made many promises. However her daughter’s condition was getting worse every day, it seemed that nothing could save the little girl. So the distressed mother decided to take her last resort and made a pact with the devil.

For saving her daughter’s life, the devil only asked one thing in return. He asked the mother to create a character that would be famous all over the world. Satan wanted to attract as many people as possible and gain new followers who would do everything for him.  So if someone were a fan of this cartoon or would buy a Hello Kitty doll it would be an unwitting offer to say «yes» to the evil one.

The devil improved the girl’s health, while at the same time she fulfilled her debt by creating a sweet childlike figure that would attract many followers.

This cartoon is based on a kitten, which curiously some people associate with «beings of darkness». In turn, the kitten was designed without a mouth as a symbol of the daughter’s cancer.

Her name was in honor of the devil, as the word «Hello» is a typical greeting, but «Kitty» supposedly back at the time, in Chinese, was equal to «devil» so «Hello Kitty» really meant «Hello Devil».

It is said that several members of satanic cults use the image of Hello Kitty in their black masses to venerate the devil, some of them even tattoo «Kitty» in homage to the king of darkness.

What do you think about this dark legend about Hello Kitty?

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